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The start menu of the Windows 11 system uses a bottom-centered display interface. (Photo taken from Microsoft’s official website)

Microsoft launched a new generation of Windows 11 operating system this year. One of the most eye-catching highlights is the removal of the criticized dynamic brick interface and the change of the start menu and nailing program that were originally fixed in the lower left corner to the bottom. The preset method of centering. Although the brand-new typesetting interface makes the overall window more concise and refreshing, it also restricts the operation and has received a lot of criticism.

According to a foreign media WindowsLatest report, in the recently released test version, Microsoft has added two custom options that allow users to switch between different layouts for the setting page of the start menu menu, providing users with options to display more according to their needs. More application pinning, or the presentation of more frequently-used file recommendation items, helps to increase the flexibility of operation. Foreign media estimated that this new feature, which is still in the testing stage, is likely to be launched in the next major update of Windows 11 in the fall of next year.

Microsoft recently released the latest beta version of Windows 11, Build 22509, with a new start menu customization function that can switch between two different panels. (Picture turned over from WindowsLatest)

In the default start menu of the Windows 11 system, the currently displayed panel layout is the application pinning and recommended items, and the upper half and the lower half of the space are equally divided. In the Windows 11 Build 22509 test preview version, you can see from the screenshots shared by foreign media that the new custom panel option provides two switching modes, namely: show more pinned items and show more Recommended items. Just double-click the right mouse button anywhere in the start menu window to enter the setting page to make changes.

The start menu menu provides a panel mode of “Show more recommended items”. (Picture turned over from WindowsLatest)

The start menu menu provides a panel mode of “Show more pinned items”. (Picture turned over from WindowsLatest)

For users who need to open different files frequently in their work, when switched to “Show more recommended items”, up to eight (including document files, folders) names can be displayed on the interface of the start menu, which is helpful In terms of operational smoothness; in contrast, the list of application pins is reduced by one row. In addition, if you switch to “Show more pinned items”, up to twenty-four app pinning can be displayed at once, and the recommended items will be reduced to two.

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