Windows 11 Users Express Discontent with Microsoft’s WordPad Removal Policy

Windows 11 Users Express Discontent over Microsoft’s Decision to Remove WordPad

Windowslatest, a reputable foreign media outlet, recently shed light on the dissatisfaction among Windows 11 users regarding Microsoft’s policy to eliminate ‘WordPad’ from the operating system.

According to the updated documentation provided by Microsoft, it was revealed that WordPad would no longer receive updates and would be eventually removed in a forthcoming Windows release. However, the statement did not specify whether the removal would occur in a future Windows update or the upcoming Windows 12, set to be launched in the fall of 2024.

Following this announcement, numerous users expressed their discontent with Microsoft’s decision to remove WordPad. They have resorted to protesting this action by posting on the Feedback Hub and engaging in discussions across various comment sections. Their main argument revolves around the notion that WordPad is unmatched when it comes to processing Rich Text Format (RTF) files.

“WordPad simplifies the creation of RTF email signatures, eliminating unnecessary complexities,” stated one disgruntled user. They further explained, “If the same task is performed within MS Word, the resulting file size becomes significantly larger.”

Another user highlighted the importance of WordPad’s faster loading speed for RTF files compared to MS Word. They disclosed using WordPad for storing reference notes in RTF format, emphasizing, “Since Notepad lacks text formatting capabilities, WordPad has been my go-to app for such purposes, similar to how I use MS Paint.” As a solution, they suggested adding WordPad to the MS Store.

Despite the widespread outcry, it is unlikely that Microsoft will reverse its decision to remove WordPad. However, considering the substantial number of users still reliant on the .RTF file format, there is a possibility that WordPad will be made available through the Microsoft Store even after its removal from the operating system.

Windowslatest, a foreign media outlet, reported on the 7th (local time) that Windows 11 users are unhappy with Microsoft’s (MS) ‘WordPad’ removal policy.

Microsoft recently updated its supporting documentation and stated that “WordPad will no longer be updated and will be removed in a future Windows release.” However, he did not specifically mention whether it will be removed from a future Windows update or from the next Windows 12, which will be released in the fall of 2024.

When this news broke, it was reported that quite a few users were angry about Microsoft’s policy of removing WordPad. Windows 11 users are reportedly protesting the removal policy via Feedback Hub posts and comment sections, claiming that “WordPad is the best app for running RTF files.”

“WordPad makes it easy to create RTF email signatures without unnecessary extra details,” says one user. “If you do the same thing in MS Word, the file size will be much larger.”

Another user said, “I use WordPad because the loading speed of RTF files is faster than MS Word. Since you can’t format text in Notepad, I keep my reference notes in RTF format,” saying, “I use WordPad as I did with MS Paint.” request to be added to the MS Store.

For now, it is unlikely that Microsoft will change its plans to remove WordPad, but since quite a few users still use the .RTF file format, it may be available through the Microsoft Store after being removed from the operating system.

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