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Recently, the keyword Windows 12 has appeared frequently on foreign IT news websites. The current Windows 11 is Moment 2, but it will probably be rebranded on Moment 3 or Moment 4. “Moment” is a general term for Windows UI and function groups, and the recent round design was supported by WinUI 2.2 . However, Microsoft does not openly use the Moment keyword.
Currently, Windows 11 has changed the provision of feature updates from twice a year to once a year, striving to provide new functions and improve quality, but old Windows users may think about service packs. Previous service packs are updates that have been released so far and updates that include some new functionality. It was released once every few years, so the current feature update patch is both similar and different. However, given the fact that Windows 10 released feature updates twice a year for several years immediately after its release, it seems that the Windows update schedule is going backwards.

Given that Windows 10 is suddenly becoming Windows 11, it wouldn’t be surprising if Windows 12 came along. Recently, I participated in several B2B PC manufacturers’ announcements, but all of them said that the “migration from Windows 10” contributed to the increase in PC shipments. However, even if I participate in various online presentations, the PC that displays the slides is often using Windows 10, and it wasn’t until 2023 that I started seeing Windows 11. The switch to PCs loaned to employees have finally started.

When corporate and individual users buy new PCs, a major OS version upgrade is one of the main motivations. I believe we have also been faced with the question, “Since Windows ○○ was released, we should renew our PC (in place).” As long as Windows remained Windows 10, I never hesitated to renew my old desktop computer.
Also making Windows 12 more likely are rumors of changes to system requirements. I will refrain from quoting because it is not a clear news source, but it is said that the minimum memory capacity of Windows 12 will be increased to 8GB. Windows 11 has also changed system requirements significantly, and it’s still fresh in our minds that upgrading older computers is difficult.
Additionally, Windows 12 is said to be working on a new development stance. Although the outline is not currently visible, the development code name “Core PC” aims to divide Windows functions into modules and make it easier to match each edition. It should be noted that the information described here is not official Microsoft information, it is just a rumor, but it is quite natural to separate it for the purposes of speeding up security measures and functional improvements.
The above foreign IT news website expects Windows 12 to appear in the second half of 2024. Windows 10 will reach the end of support on October 14, 2025 and Windows 11 version 22H2 on October 8, 2024. Windows 11 still has feature updates, and the exact end date is currently unknown (both are for Home / Pro editions Pacific Standard Time end date). All things considered, Windows 12 is very plausible for a 2024-2025 release. As a writer, I feel like I’ve delayed the timing of a PC replacement (recombination), but it probably can’t be helped with the recent IT situation and the ever-changing Windows.
Author: Yoshikazu Akutsu Yoshikazu Akutsu IT writer born in 1972. After working as an editorial staff for various PC magazines such as general PC magazines, DOS/V magazines, and Windows magazines, he became independent. While he loves Windows and Linux, he has written many PC related books. In recent years, not only BtoC but also coverage and interviews of BtoB solutions are the main battlefield. I have been taking it every day without setting a liver-free day, but the γ-GTP level has suddenly increased, and urgent action is needed. Click here for a list of articles by this author


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