Winery City Lease 25 Year Lease At Hudson River Park Pier 57

CHELSEA, NY – City Winery announced its formal transfer from Hudson Square to Quay 57 in Chelsea.

The popular music venue and food festival and wine maker signed a 25-year lease with RXR and the Young Woo developer for a 32,000 sq ft space at Pier 57 in Hudson Park in Manhattan, according to City Winery.

Current excavations were carried out at the 155 Varick St. when Disney bought the building for its headquarters.

The center is expected to open at the beginning of 2020 at Pier 57, located at the end of the 15th West Station, City Winery said.

"We are very impressed and honored to find a house in Hudson River Park and be among the many architecturally significant buildings in this area," said Michael Dorf, founder of City Winery, in a statement. "We are delighted to be part of this unique space and we felt immediately connected to it. Because of this way on the market, it is a great honor for me to make the wine, food and music . "

In addition, Google will have additional offices at Pier 57 at the former Sea and Aviation quays, a rooftop park and its own market. Previously, it was hoped to have a dining hall in the quay from the late renowned chef and from the host of CNN's Parts, Unknown Anthony Bourdain, which collapsed in late 2017 before Bourdain died.

There will be two production venues in City Winery – a 350 seat concert hall and 150 seat loft space – as well as a restaurant and tasting room. Views of Hudson River Park and Quay 55 will form part of the pier, where a floating park – known as Diller Island for its seller Barry Diller – is under construction. City Winery's wine making facilities and barrel storage room will be visible from the Hudson River Park facade and from the main entrance to Quay 57.

"City Winery is very much in the community for you and throughout the city at New York who know that there is no better place to see a concert enjoying locally produced food and wine." Madelyn Wils, president of Park River Park Trust, said in a statement. "As part of a larger market, City Winery will add to the cultural amenities and opportunities available at Quay 57, and will provide additional indoor public space alongside Google."

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