Winner of the first major with a tiger with LaCava as a chaddy

Many times Joe saw LaCava smile Tiger Woods.

This will certainly happen when you were a Tiger café since 2011.

But the Tiger's smile on Sunday, wider than vegetables at Augusta National after his final button was left on No.

“That was a nice smile, right?” LaCava said, sitting in the Woods' car area in the car park behind Augusta National. “I said he was quite happy. This was a good thing. ”

Photos: Tiger celebrates the 5th Winner

His win on Woods' Sunday was his fifth victory in the Masters competition and the 15th major championship in his career. However, it was the first large scale with LaCava on his bag, one that the veteran caddy saw.

“I think you got him uncomfortable last year when he won the Tournament and played well at the British PGA and Open Open, you know what I mean,” LaCava said. “Although he didn't win the two competitions, he played well in both weeks. So you have seen signs of. ”

LaCava even said walking up the 18th lane with a two-shot lead that had no time to enjoy crazy patrons over Woods.

“We still had a lot of work to do,” said LaCava. “In the case of Tiger, five do not do five. If he hit the lock, maybe it was a different story. I am thinking that we still have work to do. It would be more fun if it hit the lock but it wasn't. ”

LaCava said that the strategy around Sunday was for Woods to remain severe, but don't be ready.

Photos: Green Tiger Jacket Ceremony

“We never talked of ever losing intensity but always loose,” said LaCava. “And don't have the earth's weight on your shoulder. Don't smell the roses and enjoy this kind of thing, but you only need to lose a little and never lose the intensity. I thought it was loose. ”

So what Tiger said on the 18th green after the last worn?

“He said that the typical thing,‘ We are, ’and I said,‘ All the work paid for, '' said LaCava. “There wasn't much conversation. None of us speak enough. ”

This was the second time LaCava had been kicking for a Masters champion, the first for Fred Couples in 1992.

LaCava, who applied for Couples for 20 years, was asked to choose the victory.

Photos: Final action by the Masters

“This one is very exciting, but Fred is like my best friend, equally equal,” LaCava said.

LaCava, who wore Saquon Barkley's sweater under his masters box to honor his beloved New York, said that the Tiger is a different player from his four previous Masters masters.

“You can see,” said LaCava. “He is a highly motivated person. He is talking to people. He signs some recordings and I think he's enjoying playing golf and being around people again.

“For some time, he didn't know what to do. It's much more friendly and it's great with the kids. And he's talking more with these guys in the groups, who are nice. Everyone is out drawing him. How many men do you see waiting for him on 18? That was a nice touch. ”

With that comment, LaCava smiled. It is not as big as Tiger on the 18th green, but still a joy smile.


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