Winner of the week in Florida politics: February 10 edition

Winner of the week

Florida Democrats. With Amendment 4 in effect, registrations are overwhelmingly blue. In Tampa, when a new mayor is elected in this spring, the crowds that come out to register to vote are older, more expensive Democracy and more than the city in general. At the beginning of the year, 26% of Tampa voters registered Republicans. But since most people give up the law to vote to vote as soon as they fulfill a felony sentence, Republicans only up to 17 percent of the new registrations. If there are trends across the state, this is bad news for the GOP.

Loss of the week

The huge slide. If there is any golden photo opportunity in Florida's politics every year, it's opening a day from Fair State Florida when the best politicians in the state give a wonderful trip. It was hoped that this new rise would be a new Florida governor, but Ron DeSantis managed to say "he wanted to eat the smallest of healthy eating." Bravo by Nikki Fried, Bob Buckhorn and Chad Chronister to have fun.

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