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“Winner’s prize money 500 million” Real version ‘Squid Game’ was held in the US

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What you are seeing now is not a scene from a drama. An American YouTuber made a set, gathered people, and actually played a game.

Reporter Lee Seon-hwa will tell you the details.


This game was copied in Paris and New York.

[무궁화꽃이 피었습니다.]

The lead actor, of course.

[선생님, 딱지 한 판 치시겠습니까?]

to hamsters.

The show, released two months ago, has spawned numerous parodies around the world.

I even saw this scene.

[초록불 빨간불]

Participants in green sportswear continue the breathtaking game.

[정말 안 움직였네요. (아니에요, 몇 발자국 움직였어요.)]

As the participant flinches, a small device attached to the body explodes.

Part 1, the back of the old man is the same.

Lick dalgona with your tongue to dissolve it,

[‘오징어 게임’ : 이거야, 뒤에서 녹이면 돼]

I also try the shortcut of heating the needle with a lighter.

Before the tug-of-war game where ten people form a team, they compete for recruitment, and when they cross the stepping stone, they play a game of noticing each other.

The last gateway is ‘take a chair’ instead of the unfamiliar ‘squid game’.

The 79th contestant who survived to the end was awarded $456,000 and more than 540 million won.

This game was prepared by an American YouTuber, and I cut and painted everything from the ‘Young-hee’ doll with a 360-degree face to the colorful set.

He said he was selling t-shirts and fundraising to raise more than 2.3 billion won in production costs.

This realistic version of the ‘Squid Game’ video is drawing attention once again, recording over 25 million views in less than a day after it was released.

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The new drama ‘Hell’, which was released due to the unquenchable popularity of ‘Squid Game’, has also been at the top of the world for three days in the first week of its release. Director Yeon Sang-ho said, “I am embarrassed by the unexpected popularity.” It’s exploding,” he said.

(Screen source: YouTube ‘Mr. Beast’)
(Video graphic: Han Young-joo)

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