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“Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” was suddenly canceled and was released on 3.23 (23:28)Qiu Fengze came to Hong Kong to promote enthusiastic fans to welcome them to the airport and thank them for their support (22:27)Movie queens contestants met Yu Weishi, Zheng Xiuwen and Su Yuhua camped together once (21:48)Fang Haowen opened the show in May, and the children brought light signs to join in the calendar. Marriage hit the rocks and open to love (21:05)”Flower Scholar’s Love History” premiere “Muscle version of Park Baojian” Li Yun’s virginity is Jiang Xun Zheng Qianzhu’s high-value appearance (20:00)Yan Mingxi is looking forward to his 18th birthday next month and also announced that his parents will be coming to Hong Kong from the mainland to celebrate (19:29)Alicia, who once co-starred in “Beloved in Time and Space”, is looking forward to working with actor Benton again (19:07)Caring Yan refuses to use gospel discs to make money for fear of being commercialized, and uses her real name, Guan Huiwen, to produce a new song (18:32)Lin Haifeng ran wild to shoot commercials and shared the secrets of reworking and relaxing (18:02)”Dark Glory” was chosen as the favorite Korean program by netizens and was shortlisted for Baeksang (18:01)Jiang Tao reinterprets Leslie Cheung’s “Chasing” and appreciates his brother’s humorous personality (17:25)Liming will hold 14 concerts in Macau in May and June, looking forward to new endeavors and new developments (17:00)Lu Hanting’s new song MV breaks 7 million clicks, filming early in the morning and playing Break singing for self-entertainment (16:37)Huang Jianwen won the film award for the first time and was so nervous that he released his morning tea to celebrate his victory (16:30)Zhou Wenqi hosted a party to celebrate Xizai’s 6th birthday and Avner made a funny appearance (16:12)Healthy food that must be killed|Bobo eats natto and makes a facial expressionChen Ziyao’s self-proclaimed “Sister Saving” took over the second game and brought goods to the e-commerce live broadcast for the first 3 times (15:29)SE7EN’s “Big Talk Girl” Lee Da Hae married and announced that the wedding would take place in May (14:54)Chaolian was questioned about her marriage to Dou Xiao. The female assistant pushed the media and scared the gambling king’s daughter (14:44)Ian JJ Lin’s solo guest session was cancelled, and the Hong Kong concert producer apologized (13:59)A good voice in middle age |A fat mother learns the true meaning of being a womanThe leader petted his dog and challenged to sing “ARIAN” Lu Hanting kissed Amber (12:42)Lin Junjie’s concert | Ian’s guest session was canceled Chen Zhuoxian social platform Unfollow JJ (12:17)Tian Haozu Treasure Channel’s 2nd 3rd Anniversary in May Hey Taiwan Treasure Fans Group Witnessed (00:05)

Article date: March 20, 2023

The movie “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” is scheduled to be screened in Hong Kong on Thursday (March 23). The promotion has already started. Today, it was posted on the Internet that the film has been withdrawn. Originally, tomorrow (21) at Cinema Grand Festival in Festival Walk there is a package But it was temporarily cancelled. According to “moviematic”, which participates in private activities, published on the social platform tonight “Cancellation of private screening” Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey”, the text mentioned that the cancellation was due to “technical reasons” payment. It was the film company has already announced the number of theaters for “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” to be released on Thursday, and the film was not seen in the online pre-sale tonight; the news came that netizens are arguing about the reason for withdrawing the film. “Ming Pao” asked with the film company, and he replied that it is in the process of arranging, and new news will be announced on social platforms.

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