Winter Kansas City measured: temps, snow, water large breaks

Jackson County Court's main house is closed for a week. Two big breaks of water in one weekend. Schools were canceled for days after another. Potholes everywhere. It will slip to melt.

But is it the worst winter of Kansas City?

Residents can think so, but the numbers say no.

The meteorologists say the National Weather Service in Kansas City does not need to look back over eight years to find out if it was the worst winter.

"Just looking back to 2011, it is clear that we are not the worst winter," said meteorologist Jimmy Barham.

According to its data, Kansas City has experienced many years since 2011 which gave more snow and temperatures lower than it was this year.

"The only thing about this winter was similar to the ordinary than the blizzard of November. The last time we had was the same as in 2011."

In the case of the Kansas City Water Services Department, January – although two snow storms were marked – it did not give an unusual number of water breaks.

Brooke Givens, a spokesman for the water department, said that there were 75 breaks in January, compared to 91 in January 2018. The average 10 years of January is 105 pauses. 159 is the January record than 159, but it was not possible to say immediately what year it was.

As of Sunday, there are 16 water breaks in February. That is the same number as February 1-11 last year.

"There are some pipes in the system that are over 100 years of age," said Givens. "An active replacement program has begun so that we hope to replace 1 per cent of the system every year."

The pipes that are based on their history and the impact of the breakdown of schools, hospitals, etc., are given priority to Givens.

There were two great pipes of pipes on Sunday morning. 34 customers arrived at 3340 W. Coleman's road to 34 customers before it could be isolated and repaired overnight.

It was reported that there was another lack at 7:30 a.m. Sunday, but there were no doubts to residents of southern Kansas City. The 9900 Blue River Road was the main 30-inch waterproof concrete center in the area. The break was stopped at 3:30 p.m.

"Everyone should have water," Minister said Monday, adding to those customers to be served through other lines and repairs are made. There was no count of the affected customers.

The main street of the Bluewater complex will be complicated turning 45 degrees in the pipe at the point where the pause has occurred.

Meanwhile, the court house will remain at 415 E. 12th St. closed from January 31 to February 19 due to the breaking of a large underground water line outside the courthouse, filling the basement with more than 10 feet of water and thousands of pounds of mud and debris.

It was a private line and did not belong to the water department, closing the valve to stop the flood.

The damage affected or deleted components of "all operating systems," by county notice. A number of court cases are being heard in Criminal Justice Building at 1315 St. Locust

Worst winter may be, but with a few weeks more of the remaining season, the largest areas this year have closed more days than last winter.

So far Shawnee Mission schools have closed for five days due to snow or cold weather.

Lee Summit Closes for seven, including last week. "That seems pretty much," said spokeswoman Kelly Wachel. Last year, the final snow day of the area last year was January 22.

Area areas are still planning plans on how to make days.

Meanwhile, people report stubborn ice on their side and drive drives to store them after storage and no ice melting supplies have been found.

"Is there any place in Kansas City that ice is creeping in stock? 0-6 right now, the reporter Chiefs team, BJ Kissel, tweeted on Saturday.

Kissel got some Sunday at the Chopper Price on the 135th Street and Mission Road.

The City Center City Center received both homemade ice pollutants Saturday and Sunday and are sold promptly both days, the merchandise manager, Gabe Heim. It could not be said Monday morning when other shipment was coming.

"We do not have the MST at this time," he said.

Regarding these pesky potholes, Missouri Transportation Department has been trying to report drivers a few weeks ago, as soon as usual. A spokesman in the city said that this season's freezing wheels caused a lot of police, which are being refurbished daily.

To issue a pothole or water service, residents of Kansas City 311 should be called.

The MoDOT Customer Service can be achieved: 1-888-ASK-MoDOT. In Kansas, drivers and residents are encouraged to send an email to the Department of Transport at

However, the winter was not written during this year, however, the Barham meteorologist said that early weather reports with a lot of precipitation in the atmosphere, "which means we are likely for a couple of more flows."

María Rose Williams, Katy Bergen and Glenn E. Rice The Star include reporting.


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