Wintry mix, wind flow through southeast of Michigan this week

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Weather conditions close to white were out on I-696 eastern West in Warren, on Sunday evening, February 10, 2019. (Photo: Kevin Hardy, The Detroit News)

February blustery will continue in the south east of Mílaine this week, with storms bringing a crisis mix to abolish work.

It appears in February that "active weather conditions are changing", said Brian Tilley, the Meteorologist of the National Weather Service. "It was quiet in December and we've been doing it since then."

On Sunday, the weather service issued a hazardous weather attitude that comprises much of southeastern Michigan. It is hoped that on Monday morning snow, rain and freezing, giving a high wind and a threat of lack of power.

"We are preparing for the possibility that there will be an ice storm on Tuesday," said Guy Packard, vice president of electric energy operations in Consumer Energy: "We are asking people to ensure that They are prepared with food, water and other vital supplies, and we want to know the public that our staff will be in place to respond if the weather causes more damage. "

On the west side of the state, The Gov said. Gretchen Whitmer emergency situation in Grand Rapids Saturday night. That area remains in times of mass power; Electricity supplier Consumers Energy said on its map of lacking 3,400 customers west of Ionia without power, from more than 230,000 in western Michigan from storms late last week. In support of it, there are 2,700 employees and contractors, some of them as far as Louisiana and Tennessee.

The various weather have created some unusual weather phenomena, including "ghost apples".

The Tyler Sebree meteorologist from WBND-TV in South Bend, Indiana, became the unusual ice forms on her Facebook page and explained how they came there.

"After the rainfall was run in Michigan this week, one applause suffered that there was still no ice shield. Many fell off the tree," he said. "Their premises have been stirred up with apples that are lower than ice. This gave the mush an opportunity and then the skin fell to the ground, leaving these ghost apples."

Andrew Sietsema pictures of apples in orchard near Fruit Ridge.

West Michigan residents were also available on social media last week to report "shocked toys" pressure or shadows.

When the temperature falls, water extends into frozen or rock soils and provides cracks and mini-explosives known as zoning, according to the Maine Geological Survey. Frost does not release much energy compared to earthquake.

Half-inch to the inch of snow accumulation overnight is expected – which could "translate to light light light," it is expected that a much harder repetition will be overnight on Monday, said Tilley.

Most of the day on Monday should be cloudy and cool, with a platform of about 32. But overnight it is considered to be returned with a rain mixture.

"This system will have the ability to bring a significant mix of snow, sleet and ice rain on Monday morning tomorrow before rainfall changes," the attitude reads.

North of Interstate 69, 2 inches possible snow, although Metro Detroit could start its day with 1/10 inches of ice accumulation. And as ice rises up, it could achieve more power.

As the storm leaves Tuesday during the day, the temperature of the freezing point will rise to the 40s low.


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Then come the wind high. Gusts are 40 miles per hour, Tilley said.

The high wind on Tuesday will bring cold air to the region, falling lows overnight to the upper 20, and high Wednesday until mid-30th.

The temperatures will repeat on Thursday, rising about 42.

But late that night, the wintry mix, probably before 11 p.m., rain and snow, then snow in the hour before the Friday morning commemoration.

The rise of Friday must be 43 degrees.

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