“Wirach” watched the Prime Minister calmly defended the “Paiboon-Sira-Parina” debate according to the rules.

16 Feb. 2021 at 9:02 p.m.

Mr. Wirat Rattanaseth, the government’s president, mocked the opposition, not worth the price, complimented the Prime Minister’s calm to defend “Paiboon-Sira-Parina” did not steer the discussion in accordance with the rules.

On February 16, at the parliament, Mr. Wirat Rattanaset, MP’s name list People’s Power Party The chairman of the House of Representatives Coordinating Committee (whipped the government) said the overview of the mistrust debate on day one. In the morning there are rough problems with traffic. Until the quorum was completed, it took almost half an hour. Which the meeting we proceeded according to the plan Which has told the opposition If you are offensive in connection with the institution If it is already difficult to enter Therefore do not want you to go in It took almost an hour in just the beginning, as the media and the public have been watching the debate. Had to endure each other for 4 days

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When asked whether the 3 MPs of the Palang Pracharath Party were Mr. Phaiboon Nititawan, Ms. Parinakraikupt, Ratchaburi MPs, Mr. Sir Jenjakas. BMA set up for the discussion. Mr. Virat said that it was not a temptation. If it is in the rules of the rules or there is no extravagant sarcasm, let it go. Many of you have rarely protested. But some of you are stuck It’s natural We are not going to say we have to protest. We are not trying to keep them from talking, even talking about electronic media today. Many officials complained that If prosecuted, the officer present at the council is also considered a defendant Because it is open to the public He was worried about not allowing any lawsuits. Therefore, in this section, we are concerned with the government officials and staff who take care of this matter. Which he complains, may not be loud, but we can hear

When asked whether the resolution is still going to be on February 20, Mr. Virat said we have to stand as before. Which today we have left a full discussion But he tried to do at least 10-11 hours a day discussion, but if not the chance that 4 days would be difficult. Therefore, in this section, you must consider that What will be like, but let him have a full discussion. Like today it is a debate for the prime minister Writing in a motion was fierce. But the people who came to the discussion, as they saw it, were not as affordable as they were written in the motion.

When asked if it looks like the Prime Minister Keep the symptoms well, Mr. Wirat replied that today he has calmed a lot Last year Considered that he was calm. But this year is more calm and time to answer He replied in full, content with no water when asked if it was a result of the preparations of the coalition government and the Prime Minister. Also, yes or no. Mr. Virach said that all aspects are in unison.

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