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“Wirot” presses “Prayut” to give an interview reflecting on the danger of COVID-19 – Post Today Political news

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“Wirot” injects “Prayut” to give an interview reflecting not understanding the danger of COVID

Date 01 Aug 2021 time 10:26

Wirote Lakkana-Adisorn pointed out that Prayut’s interview about COVID reflects her misunderstanding of the dangers of the disease. Rather than ordering down the steps to get access to treatment as soon as possible. back to add more steps

Wirote Lakkhanaadisorn, MP for the Progressive Party list Comments on Facebook about the interview of Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha about solving the problem of COVID-19. with the following content

from an interview with General Prayut Chan-o-cha on 30 July 64 stated that

“…if the first test (ATK or Rapid AntigenTest) is found to be infected, wait a period of 7 days and go home. or anything to separate from others Then come to check again. If it’s clear 2 times, go to Swab (RT-PCR examination) so it will go to the medical system. Confirm again when Swab, otherwise if everyone checks once and all sick. The amount must be big I didn’t cover it at all…”(Watch the full clip: https://youtu.be/aq2HVqeURUs)

This is an interview that reflects that

1) Gen. Prayut has never studied and does not understand the danger of contracting COVID-19 that if the virus enters the lungs and then developed pneumonia The patient will have severe symptoms. Requires a longer time to ponder the bed. and have a high chance of dying Importantly, if there are many patients in the yellow and red groups. Descent at the risk of causing the health system to fail.

2) in spite of the medical department Has issued a medical practice guideline on July 21, 64 in the past (https://covid19.dms.go.th/Content/Select_Landding_page…) with the following important points:

– Those who have been tested with the ATK test kit and found infected Must be cared for as a patient Because at present, the accuracy of the positive test results of the ATK test kit is close to 90% accuracy of RT-PCR (https://www.thairath.co.th/news/society/2140956).

– The Department of Medical Services recommends that doctors consider prescribing Favipiravir to infected people. get medicine ASAP especially those infected in the risk group, which is the elderly group. overweight group and groups with underlying disease

– Favipiravir is effective. If the infected person receives the drug within 4 days of the onset of symptoms

Replaces Gen. Prayut will issue orders to reduce steps in order for the infected people to have access to medicines and treatment as soon as possible To reduce the rate of serious illness and death, Gen. Prayut back to thinking I will add steps by giving people who have been tested with an ATK test kit and found that they are infected Go and take care of yourself according to the trajectory for up to 7 days, then come back and check again. and still need to be examined by RT-PCR method

Is this the idea of ​​letting people die?

3) General Prayut’s idea that if you check once and get sick, the balance must be large. This clearly reflects the mind of Gen. Prayut. There was no concern in the lives of the people at all. which corresponds to that Deputy Minister of Public Health Has come out in an interview earlier that “There might be some unlucky people. to die at home.”

The mind of Gen. Prayut There are only fears that people will know the fact that the number of infected people is increasing day by day. and counting the days, there will only be a large number of cumulative increases

Replaces Gen. Prayut will think of a way to reduce infection reduce the rate of loss of life of the people General Prayut I thought of adding more steps. to hope to press a number Distorted to reduce the number of infected people.

This interview of General Prayut make people recall the order of the Ministry of Health that excludes those who tested positive for the ATK test kit being a sick group And do not have to report into the system, which later, when there is a stream of criticism from society Therefore, the order was changed To report as a Probable case when combined with the number of RT-PCR tests that the government refused to increase the capacity of the examination. The screening is almost constant at 70,000 per day, despite the increasing severity of the disease every day. People have the right to doubt. Is the government trying to hide the number of infected people?

I confirm that Gen. Prayut’s way of thinking According to the interview It was an idea that had no understanding of the epidemic at all. and if you follow that General Prayut gave an interview that people will have to be left with serious illness until they die at home or in the middle of the road. many more

Providing infected people with access to medicines and treatments to save their lives. immediately General Prayut




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