Wisconsin Shoes realize too many losses 61-52 to Michigan Wolverines Basketball of Boys Boys Wisconsin

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Saturday wins at the University of Wisconsin men's basketball team to square in the middle of the Big Ten title race entering the final four weeks of the regular season.

Instead, the Biscuits left throwing an opportunity without losing. And inside that missed opportunity there was too much chance of scoring trying to count.

Left the result, loss 61-52 to No. 7 Michigan at Crisler Arena, No. 19 a lot of work to do for a championship.

The UW loss was attached to a fourth place in the stand, two matches behind the Wolverines first (22-2, 11-2 Big Ten) with seven games left in the regular season.

It is not chargeable, in any case, but makes it more difficult for UW roads. As the Biscuits can spend a lot of time at a home in this war with Michigan State coming to Kohl Center on Tuesday.

"The victory today (it did) would be easier," said Ethan Happ, the senior center. "The Michigan State has almost won the Big Ten championship as you've seen how Michigan is good. It looks like they're not going to lose a lot more."

State reporter Journal Jim Polzin asked the Bulgarian fan on Twitter what they thought about Loss No. 19, Wisconsin, 61-52 to No. 7 Michigan Wolve …

Charles Matthews made the 16-point junior 16-post guard after half a degree to help Michigan avoid the second loss in one week to UW (17-7, 9-4). Jon Teske agreed to his upcoming career, with 17 points and 12 rebounds at the same time when the Wolverines signed his winning streak at home on 21 games, which ran 15- 0 this season.

When they rejected the Wolverines that were never before 64-54 on the 19th of January at the Kohl Center, the Drugs closed the game with a 7-0 run over the last 51.2 seconds. This is the time, Michigan came to the final point by starting the UW 10-2 over the final 3:53.

"A bit of a game was a revenge, because they hit us," said John Beilein, Michigan coach. "It was our first loss, people who were steering the court. We do not like it – although it is the right thing to do it."

Match the UW Saturday scoring output to match the lowest in the Big Ten game and, thinking about each other, No. 1 nationally in the KenPom adjusted protection efficiency category, the surprise should not be all.

But one story states the story about the Shoes kicking themselves after the loss: they finished 16 of 41 on shots in the paint.

Subsequently, UG Greg Gard commissioned a laundry list of the participating factors in relation to his staff's disability to finish around the edge.

"It's not finishing with two hands, not playing two feet, playing fast at times," Gard said. "Avoid contact rather than initiate contact or contact. Not ending towards our goal. In every way on how to finish."

There were 18 points and 11 team rebounds, but it was a weird game for an UW star. He had five of the seven Bubble chests and only scored eight points over the last 29 minutes, 9 seconds after producing 10 points in the 11:51 opening of the game.

After two shots were asked early in the second half, Happ got up his third dirty with 18:27 remaining and sat for the next 9 minutes. He finished up 2 out of 9 out of the field in the second half and left nine of the last 13 attempts after Teske was in charge of the game.

"I found a little more focus around the edge," Happ said. "There were many opportunities for me, where I got really good to get a score, and then I got the same kind of thing."

Basketball team of Building No. 19 Wisconsin to No. 7 Michigan Wolverines, 61-52, on Saturday at Crisler Center in Ann Arbo …

Not only did it exist, however. No-one else did the team double-scored figures and players' propagation was difficult to complete after they drove to the basket.

Other status telling: UW requested only two free spending, both at the same time.

"That is something we control," said Brad Davison, the sophomore guard, on the challenges of UW in the paint. "We all have a lot and we only do one man, we all have when we get there. You have to finish it.

"There will be a touch to tackle it, but it's in February, he's playing Big Ten, they will not call the dirty. So, you have to tackle the touch and focus on the layout do what we control. "

Davison was involved in play in the early half of the second half that proved to be evaluating the false blood of 1 vessel-holding. Following Matthews, Davison and Teske succeeded tangled up when they were tackling repayment and the three officers wanted to look closer.

After a trip to the monitor, Terry Wymer, Lamont Simpson and Kelly Pfeifer decided to be like Davison who was sent to Teske. The Big Office rejected Ten requests for clarification from the officials after the game because of being a "call of judgment, without the state of rules and regulations."

Gard, in his postgame news conference, said he was still playing the play.

"They told me they were tangled up and thought they were suffering and watching the live play," Gard said. "They wanted to watch it (again) and they told me that they found that an army was going in and then clamping at a certain point."

Teske made both free games and Matthews did drain a baseline jumper to make 31-27. This four-point property has been good for Michigan.

Later in the two half, Matthew was in 13 consecutive points for the Wolverines. He scored 10 on his own and stuck Teske for a basket that dropped three-way play.

"We left it to happen in a certain way, but it is clear that Charles also believed it, because he played and did so," Gard said. "It's a great play and when it's gone, it was difficult to stop it."

Even after the Matthews explosion, UW could have been able to add to the streak played by six games.

Draw a basket at Happ na Breacaigh within 46-45 with 6:13 left, but lost the throw free. Three subsequent holdings, he scored again to bring Michigan's cut 51-50 with 4:17 left.

But the Badgers failed to score their five other holdings, with Khalil Iverson at Future and Senior, trying for two shots missing in the paint in that area. Turnover was at the same time during those pieces.

It was a single possession until Matthews made a baseline jersey at 1:30 a.m. to go. The next trip down the floor, he made a fallaway jersey to get the game out of the way.

After being there and the Red stood up behind him to the wall in a tunnel near the court, it was very difficult to find the fact that the Shoes lost 25 shots in the paint.

"If we do half of the loss, then that's a lot of ballgame," he said. "It's hard to put too much pressure on your protection."


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