“Wisconsin tickets, until the arrival of the presidential election” called Biden

Let’s talk with correspondent Kim Soo-hyung in Michigan, USA.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung, Michigan State, was a very close battle during the presidential election four years ago, but it is a place where you cannot give up to both candidates.

In the presidential election four years ago, he couldn’t be president if Trump hadn’t won in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

It was originally an area that was the garden of the Democratic Party.

According to the polls released today (28th), in South Florida, where President Trump was inferior, it is not within the margin of error, but it is slightly reversed.

If Trump takes Florida, he’s got three Northern Contender States.

So, President Trump must beat the northern rival states, and Biden must regain the Democratic Party’s garden in order to win in a relaxed way.

Ahead of the presidential election, the controversy continues in the United States right now, and there is still a story about how long it must arrive before it will be admitted?

Advance voter turnout is unprecedented in this US presidential election.

The same is true of mail voting, a type of pre-voting.

More than 90 million voters have applied to vote by mail.

There are states that have agreed to be valid even if they arrive after the presidential election, and Wisconsin, the leading contestant, is one of these states.

Wisconsin originally agreed to accept votes by mail that arrived six days after the presidential election, but the conservative Supreme Court overturned that only votes that arrived before the presidential election were accepted.

It’s a bad decision for Biden and Trump’s advantage.

If the margins are overwhelming, it will pass without any problems, but if it is judged that the scope of mail voting is divided between the competition states due to a super-close battle pattern, it may be a fire of dissatisfaction after the presidential election.

(Video editing: Jung Yonghwa)

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