With a comfortable majority… “equity” breaks the barrier of 100 seats in parliament

The ruling Justice Party in Mauritania secured a comfortable majority in the next parliament, after it exceeded 100 seats, according to the partial results of the second half of the legislative elections, which took place yesterday, Saturday.

The results show that the ruling party won more than 23 seats in the second half, in addition to the 80 seats it achieved in the first half.

The party’s seats obtained from the second half were as follows: Europe (1), Africa (1), Bababe (2), Ambani (2), Bouki (2), Rosso (2), Atar (2), Azouerate (2). 2), Laksiba 1 (1), Monkle (2), Maqama (2), Jakni (2), and Mbo (2).

The party expects to win seats in its states, Ujfet and Silbaby.

With these calculations, the ruling party succeeds in obtaining at least 103 seats in the next parliament, which gives it a comfortable and unprecedented parliamentary majority.

The Justice Party surpasses the previous version of the ruling party (Union for the Republic Party), which achieved 93 parliamentary seats in the previous elections.

In these elections, the Justice Party faced strong competition from the majority parties, due to what was known as the “angry” crisis.


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