With Billions to Spend, Feds Unsure Who Lacks Broadband

West Virginia. You just need a car and some time.

Kelly Povroznik can tell you, when it happens to get a good signal. She teaches the online college course to enter a database.

Povroznik, who lives in Weston, West Virginia. "I just want to beat my head."

Across rural America, a bandwidth gap separates communities like Weston from within the world t

A $ 4.5 billion federal grant program earmarked to expand wireless internet in rural areas. T

Google's Got it!

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel concedes that the agency does not know, "it is" and "shameful."

"Our maps is simply a problem," Rosenworcel said. "We I have a digital divide in this country with millions of Americans Verity lack broadband Where not * live. If I we go I want to fix this gap and close this divide, we do first Need the honest accounting of high-speed service in Every COMMUNITY Across the country. "

Lawmakers across the country are concerned that flawed, carrier-maps and fundraising programs. In February, West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin t

Do not know. T

On one end, the FCC says more than 24 million people lack access to broadband at home. (B). Tbenefits of access, for better t lack of availability.

Part of the discrepancy has been compiled. The agency view the entire area covered Cariers to attract more customers by advertising. Critics argue that is a non-denominator.

Complaints about the wireless map poured in to the FCC. The Rural Wireless Association, a trade group, overstated coverage. …

The February letter from the National Assembly for Wales t Some of them have

Federal Lawmakers from New Hampshire t

20% of the FCC's wireless map data actually did this, according to the FCC.

"As long as we continue to rely on cariers." T

Govt. The investigation is ongoing.

Christopher Ali, the assistant professor of media studies at the University of Virginia.

"We can't fix a problem when you don't know where broadband deserts exist."

Povroznik know they exist in Weston, where she did to come up with work-arounds – including jumping in her car .

"In this technologically advanced," he said.


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