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With Palm Reprint, playable on PS5 from the 28th of Wonshin

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▲ Representative Wonshin image (Photo courtesy of Mihoyo)

On April 28, Mihoyo will proceed with the action RPG original version 1.5 update. After Update 1.5, Wonshin can also play on PS5.

The new character Yura and fuel economy are added through the update of the secular song under the Jade Light, and you can experience the native version of PlayStation 5.

Yura, a 5-star ice character, can increase stiffness resistance by wielding a sword along with the power of the freezing element, inflicting wide-area damage, elemental combat skills, and elemental explosions. Subsequently, the fire element’s four-star fuel efficiency is planned to appear as a character devoted his life to researching the laws and rules of the Lewall area.

▲ New character Yura and fuel economy (photo provided by Mihoyo)

Along with this, you can experience new episodes through Palm Quest, which gives you a glimpse into the history of LeWall, relax with Noel at an invitation event, or spend time with the popular cattail bartender Diona.

In addition, during the fourth week, two new bosses will be added, such as the Boss Rock Dragon King Yata Dragon King and Dragon Spine’s Free Ice, and various resources and rare rewards can be obtained when defeated.

▲ Wonshin 1.5 update promotion video (Video provided by Mihoyo)

In addition, you can build your own home in Tivat using a secular kettle. Inside the kettle, you can decorate your own space with various styles, and decorate the space with outdoor recreation and interior decoration. In addition, the pure resin required for subjugation of the realm is reduced by half, and the character favorability obtained in Dine Mode doubles.

In addition, the concept art containing the landmark of the third city Inazuma was unveiled for the first time, and details of the city will be announced later.


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