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Do we know when to seek medical attention?

Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the EU without national screening programs and without mandatory prophylaxis. In addition to this, generations of Bulgarians have grown up with the perception that you only go to the doctor when you have a problem. Often, even with severe symptoms, we postpone the visit to a specialist for months or even years. We wait for many reasons: fear of a serious diagnosis, the long wait in front of offices, the uncomfortable environment and even the post-trauma of the covid pandemic. The reasons are many and often lead to one result – diagnosis of serious health conditions at a too late stage.

Very often, the deterioration of health is not always accompanied by symptoms that we can notice early enough. There are not rare cases in which, during a preventive examination, life-threatening diseases are diagnosed, which the patient did not even suspect until that moment. Caught early, some precancerous conditions, for example, can be successfully cured.

A new generation medical center

With Patient Care: A New Generation Medical Center

Unfortunately, the healthcare system in our country still does not place the patient at the center of healthcare. Patients often have to travel from one medical facility to another, from one specialist to another in search of the correct diagnosis. Realizing the needs, in “Ajibadem City Clinic UMBAL Mladost” a new generation medical center is functioning, combining in itself all those functions and services that a patient would need for the correct and high-quality diagnosis and treatment.

A team of leading specialists under one roof

The medical center brings together doctors from different fields of medicine and aims to facilitate patients who have the opportunity to perform all the necessary examinations and tests in one place without wasting unnecessary time traveling between different specialists. Endocrinologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, neurologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and experts in over 20 other medical fields work in full coordination at the center.

With Patient Care: A New Generation Medical Center

The medical center is awarded the highest standard of quality and safety in the field of health care by Joint Commission International (JCI) and has an experienced team of medical specialists and the most modern medical equipment, guaranteeing fast and accurate results. Such an example is the Imaging Clinic, which has qualified specialists and the most innovative methods for diagnosing and detecting breast cancer a year or two before it can be felt as a “lump” by hand. An example of this is 3D mammography, which can completely replace standard mammography, surpassing it with a much more detailed image. It is especially suitable for women with high breast density. The clinic also hosts the only approved program for the early diagnosis of lung cancer by the Ministry of Health.

The medical center also has Center for health prevention, which enables customized preventive programs tailored to the patient’s gender and age. Personal service and personal escort by a coordinator is provided during all examinations. The ultimate goal is for everything to happen quickly, easily and planned based on the patient’s free time. An interpreter is also provided for foreign patients. All examinations and tests are carried out by a team of medical specialists. An important part of the concept of “Ajibadem City Clinic UMBAL Mladost” for prevention is prevention and, in particular, cancer screening, which allows for their early detection at a stage when the chance of successful treatment is the highest.

With Patient Care: A New Generation Medical Center

A modern one is also available for patients Clinical Laboratoryequipped with modern equipment, reagents and consumables of the highest quality, in which clinical laboratory research is carried out, which provides information about the function and condition of all organs and systems in the human body.

With Patient Care: A New Generation Medical Center

The mission of “Ajibadem City Clinic UMBAL Mladost” is to improve people’s access to highly specialized hospital services, combining efforts in complex care from established specialists, modern treatment methods and the latest technologies of modern medicine.

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