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The American Board of Therapeutic Fasting and Obesity was established focusing on ‘therapeutic fasting’ targeting obesity and obesity-related diseases (metabolic syndrome, inflammatory diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, etc.) (home page www.abofo.org).

On November 19th (US standard) (November 20th, Korean standard), in the first general meeting held online ZOOM simultaneously in the United States and Korea with about 100 members present, accompanied by lower approval -laws of the founding society, Lee Jong -hwa, the president of Irvine Kyunghee Accupia was elected the first president of the society.

After the general meeting, an introductory seminar was held, where director Jeong Yang-soo (president of The NK Clinic) presented ‘Fasting Imitation Diet (FMD)’ and Dr. Eung-se Lee (first president of the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine). ) introduced fasting detoxification therapy.’ He gave lectures to improve his understanding of ‘therapeutic fasting’.

Lee Jong-hwa, president of the Association, said in his greeting, “I would like to thank the Korean Oriental Medicine Obesity Association for helping to establish the American Obesity Association in Korea, both physically and mentally. a stepping stone for the Obesity Society and provide more help to many teachers and patients who practice clinically in the United States.”

“Most of the problems brought by the patients I met during my clinical practice in the United States for 15 years are indications for fasting therapy, and I believe that the therapeutic fasting method is an essential treatment protocol for this American situation, and not just metabolic disease. It is a treatment that can be used for various ailments, including musculoskeletal pain, allergies, rhinitis, and skin problems.”

In addition, he expressed his prediction, saying, “I hope that fasting therapy can play an important role in K-med through education and research support for American medical personnel with the establishment of the American Association for Fasting Obesity.”

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