With the rise of Jon Teske, Michigan basketball is coming up big


Michigan's coach talks about the performance of his team in the 61-52 Saturday met over Wisconsin who took care of his first loss of the season.
James Hawkins, The Detroit News

Michigan Center Jon Teske (15) and Michigan Guard Jordan Poole (2) battle ahead Ethan Happ forward (22) for the ball in the second half. (Photo: Robin Buckson, Detroit News)

Ann Arbor – To win the winner now, deep into the Ten Ten race, talking towards the competitions, you need all the sizes and fits, both parts and pieces. Michigan has a lot more than a large part, including a large piece that fosters growth.

It is huge, without an unexpected impact. Jon Teske stands out, not because he has 7-foot-1, but because it is a rare feature for the Wolverines, a defense force inside. In a number of ways, this is the latest latest piece for this team, with its standard set of slashers, shooters and outline defenders.

In breaking junior season, Teske is filling a hole, and it is not seen to be wet or favorable. He returned again, as well as Charles Matthews, senior Michigan wins Wisconsin 61-52 Saturday at Crisler Center. It is well documented on how John Beilien's program has progressed and has been successful, from layers stylists with any attackers. It is an evolution we see in Teske – not every game, but when the competition demands it.

The Wolverines (22-2, 11-2 in the Big Ten) rolled mainly on every season, but another weapon was needed, with a 3-point shooting compared to the national buyers a year ago. And here's an American All-American SEO, 6-10 Ethan Happ, with the Toys winning a winning six-game streak, threatening to jump to the top of the Big Ten.

To beat Wisconsin (17-7, 9-4), you have to stop the Future, and now Michigan has an app. They needed Teske (sorry), known as the Big Sleep on their low-key type, slow movement. But while Matthews was doing each shot (16 of the 18 points were in the second half) and playing eye protection, Teske's task was more fortunate.

The time runs for 10 points in the first eight minutes, and then Teske got a lot. He caught 12 rebounds and blocked three shots, resulting in the Big Ten in blocks. He scored inside, tossed in a 3-pointer and finished with 17. And the number below he saw his physical fun: He drew seven blood on the Poor, most of the team.

The time sat for the second half control with three bloods and finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds. But he made five effects, Teske did not exceed what happened with 3:36 left, when the Wolverines closed on a 10-2 run to withdraw from 51-50 sweat-fest.

Duplicate fun

The game considered enough for the Wolverines to the e-word, digging revenge. Wisconsin came in December on the first 17-game break in December last month, and it never lost. The game was scored 26 in that game, although Teske had 15. The competition was almost all the way, classically classic Michigan-Wisconsin, but much more than Teske.

On January 19 in Madison, 27-25 had heads on the half and put it near before the Bustans were back 64-54. This time, he had been 27-27 in full and Wisconsin kept closing it before Wolverines pulled out 61-52.


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Happ and Teske were the key venues every time. Michigan's big man would not say he was personal, but he definitely looked, as his feelings had more and more bubbles.

"I think I now see it grows a personality in the court, and is going to do things more personally," said Beilein. "It was not like this. He went from a nobleman in high school (in Ohio), and then he continued up with Moe Wagner for two years, and he knew, & I need a lot to do. "Now, when we say (Yes) I am and it's for you for 32 minutes, you'll get step up and do it, or you will not find it very good."

The last season was only 12 minutes and 3.4 points per game at Teske – although it has become a great deal at the time of the tournament – and these totals are more than doubled. He spent himself with a rigorous training regime last summer with coach strength Jon Sanderson, and his adaptations have improved considerably.

Greg Gard Wisconsin was the largest coach to feel Teske's feeling, for his defense to shoot. Like many college players, the mind and body need growth, and it's a chance too.

"I think he knows how important the team is," said Beilein. "It was important before, but I do not like it now. We have emphasized it. It may be the trust that it could not be an assistant coach in this game, sitting here in poor trouble, and so when Happ was just brushing it. "

Attention centers

Happens after the 10th point after 15, 9, and then Teske started and others attacked. Teske's growth was visible from the first meeting to date, and even from the first half of Saturday to the second. He hit four of the five free throws, including a pair after calling Brad Davison for unusual "ring and possession" burdens. Uh, before that, who would interfere with Teske?

The Push plays the low-low-low-low-style style that can block the Wolverines, which are not outside the widespread depth of the winners. Wisconsin won six of the past nine meetings and took place – most of these two times were at 18.3 points and 10.4 rebounds.

"I do not want to play again," said Beilein with a smile. "I do not want to play Wisconsin again, but they are in the series. It's an important step for Teske to fight with that man, an American All American, and you are watching the static sheet and to say, hey, two good good places playing against each other. "

Without something that the Teske speaker could be happy to say. However, people want to sleep it.

"I try to keep my motor vehicle and play my game," said Teske. "You did not have to try (Todhle) to push it out, but it's going to use its enjoyable and is going to dribble and dribble and dribble, and you will get a wall out of it. The whole effort of the team is to be protected. "

As for the Wolverines, it's almost always. The difference is now, when they need a wall, they can install a wall.


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