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Without Kim Jong-in… Senior Lieutenant Yoon Seok-yeol departs from the gate

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People’s Strength Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol (center) announces the election results of the Election Countermeasures Committee at the party’s Supreme Council held at the National Assembly on the 25th. / Reporter Kim Beom-jun

On the 25th, Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for the People’s Strength, held major positions, including the general manager of the Election Countermeasures Committee. With the exception of Kim Jong-in, the former chairman of the People’s Power Emergency Response Committee, it was decided to launch an election committee on the 6th of next month.

Candidate Yoon received the approval of the appointment of six general general managers at the party’s highest meeting on the same day: Won Hee-ryong, head of the organization, Ho-young Joo, head of the organization, Kim Seong-tae, director of general functions, Lee Jun-seok, head of public relations and media, Kwon Young-se, special chief of general support, and Kwon Seong-dong, head of general support headquarters.

Candidate Yoon said, “It is difficult for the election campaign to be delayed further, and we have to run while saving every minute and second. I will see you,” he said. Although the seat of the general election chairman was vacated due to the failure of former Chairman Kim to join, it is interpreted that he expressed his will that the appointment of major positions could no longer be postponed. Candidate Yoon decided to expand the scope, saying, “I will serve those who have not joined the conservative party in the past, those who have worked for the socially disadvantaged, and those who have worked hard to restore justice and common sense that the government has broken.”

Candidate Yoon appointed Rep. Kim Eun-hye and Jeon Joo-hye from within the House of Representatives as spokespersons for the election committee, and outside the House of Representatives, spokesperson Kim Byeong-min and former SBS editors Won Il-hee, who had been active since the primary campaign, were appointed. Cho Su-jin was appointed as the head of the public affairs committee, a separate organization directly under the candidate, and Park Jeong-ha, chairman of the Gangwon Party Association, was appointed as the head of the public affairs office. Candidate Yoon directly served as the chairperson of the ‘Accompanying Committee with the Underprivileged’. Candidate Yoon emphasized, “We will achieve national unity through the values ​​of people’s livelihood, fairness, and the future and aim for the normalization of the Republic of Korea.”

There are analyzes that the representatives of each field were appointed, but some within the party also criticized that it was a boring composition centered on existing politicians. In this regard, Lee Yang-soo, senior spokesperson for the election committee, said, “Some cases have been confirmed after reviewing new people.

Former People’s Strength lawmaker Yoon Hee-suk, former United Future Party lawmaker Geum Tae-seop, and lawyer Kwon Kyung-ae, co-author of ‘The Black Book of the Fatherland’, are being mentioned as co-election chairpersons.

Candidate Yoon and former Chairman Kim continued their nervous battle on this day as well. Candidate Yoon declined to answer a reporter’s question about his position on Kim, saying, “It is not advisable to mention Dr. Kim (former Chairman Kim).” Former Chairman Kim also met with reporters as he left his personal office in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, and expressed his displeasure with the ‘reporting outside support’, saying, “I never said that I would help outside.” Regarding the analysis that Candidate Yoon gave an ultimatum, he drew a line saying, “I dropped the spear in the article” and “I said it went well when I saw the news.”

Looking at these remarks from both sides on that day, analysis is raising that candidate Yoon and former Chairman Kim have actually entered the process of breaking up. In the meantime, there is a possibility that the predecessor committee will be put into operation with the exception of former Chairman Kim, as no point of contact has been found despite several under-the-ground negotiations.

Reporter Lee Dong-hoon [email protected]

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