Witti Finances launches its activities

Witti Finances Burkina Faso officially launched its activities at the headquarters of the said structure located on Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in Ouagadougou on Tuesday March 21, 2023.

After Côte d’Ivoire, Witti Finances is moving to Burkina Faso and has been open to the public since December 2022. It was on Tuesday March 21, 2023 that Witti Finances Burkina Faso officially launched its activities. The general manager of Witti finances Burkina, Joël Ky, noted that the structure began its activities in Côte d’Ivoire and currently has 11 branches.

Launch of the activities of Witti Finances Burkina Faso

« It is indeed in a particular context that Witti Finances sets up in Burkina Faso, and this with the aim of supporting the Burkinabè economy by financing ambitious SMEs wishing to develop and assert their leadership. “, did he declare. Listening to him, Witti comes from the English term Witty which means finesse, intelligence and agility.

« At Witti Finances, we support our clients with finesse and agility to grow and position themselves with confidence and leadership in the economic chain. We are aware that our target customers have specific needs, which is why our approach differs from the standards of traditional financing by offering personalized and tailor-made support. “, proclaimed the general manager of Witti Finances Burkina.

According to him, Witti Finances has services, among others, loans at preferential rates and flexible durations, savings accounts and time deposits, insurance products, money transfer and soon cards prepaid.

« Whether you are in trade, energy, construction, health, education, agriculture, livestock, transport, mining and various services, Witti Finances is your ideal partner. », indicated Joël Ky.

Staff of Witti Finances Burkina

He announced the opening of a 2e agency in Ouagadougou and a 3e agency in Bobo-Dioulasso in the coming months by the end of the first half of 2023.

He specified that in just two months of full operation, Witti Finances Burkina has already injected more than 2 billion FCFA in SME/SMI credit into the economy of Burkina Faso and has a customer portfolio of more than 1,000 accounts.

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He hinted that in outlook for 2023, it is about 20 billion FCFA that Witti finances intends to inject into the Burkinabè economy.

The representative of the Minister of Economy, Madiara Sagnon, recalled that SMEs constitute 90% of the Burkinabè economic fabric. However, SMEs face enormous difficulties. ” Witti Finances Burkina will undoubtedly bring, on its own scale, a breath of fresh air to the economy of Burkina Faso.

This is an opportunity for me, and on behalf of the government, to express our gratitude to the Witti Finances group, which despite the security challenges facing Burkina Faso, has decided to contribute to building the economy. burkinabe “, she related.

Azaratou Toé, client at Witti Finances Burkina Faso

Already customers are satisfied with the services of Witti Finances. Azaratou Toé, a client at Witti finances, who operates in the cereal trade, is satisfied with the services rendered.

« I got my credit in 10 days. It is a structure that includes customers. They are fast and that is what we are looking for. Elsewhere, you can take about 6 months to obtain a loan. The rate is acceptable to Witti Finances “, she pointed out.

As a reminder, Witti finances is a group of decentralized financial systems (DFS) with a pan-African vocation whose main objective is to offer financial products and services to people who do not generally have access to the offers offered by traditional financial institutions. .


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