Wizards game must win a state.

The Detroit Pistons will face the Washington Wizards for the third time this season with eight places and find Wayne Ellington.

The battle begins to intensify the NBA Games place just a few days before the All-Star break. In the Eastern Conference, there are many possibilities for 6-11 seats to achieve among the best eight. All game counts and the Detroit Pistons know it; That is why tonight, when they are Washington Wizards, they have to leave everything on the floor to continue climbing ladders.

Dwane Casey's heads are mostly ninth in the west most of the season, but the loss of the Miami Heat last night at the Golden Warriors, Detroit's virus company took the 8th place in combined with the Heat, recording a record of 25 wins and 29 stresses.

Detroit has a unique but complicated opportunity to keep that eighth (and keep dreaming of climbing at the stands) when they hit the Wizards for the third time this season tonight. In the previous two meetings, the two parties were divided: 106-95 in favor of the Pistons in December and 101-87 for Washington in January.

The Wizards won its two final matches against the Cleveland Fleet and the Chicago Bulls, and came with a renewal roster and fresh attitude. Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker look to Washington as a new look and hope they will be fully involved in the fight for the Playoffs.

On the other hand, the Pistons are already among their rosts, Wayne Ellington, who has confirmed Sunday that he feels committed to the staff (at least in the short term), go to that pressure. The team has not yet played a role, but I believe it starts next to Reggie Jackson, Bruce Brown, Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond.

Speaking to Andre, since he has returned from the protocol, there are 17 moderate items, 15 rebounds and almost three blocks per game.

In addition, he has won his best game of the season against New York Knicks (and DeAndre Jordan), scoring 29 points and scored 20 rebounds, reaching his 20-20 season season (as a result of NBA).

Jackson is the other player who is considered to be more comfortable with the role of the team and shows that Jackson, who is almost a month, is getting a bigger number of points, helping and the percentage of goals, compared to what he was doing from the beginning of the season to recent games.

Detroit's "Big Three" had a huge performance against the Knicks with Drummond, Griffin (26 points, 6 rebounds, 4 help) and Jackson (20 points, 6 help, 2 rebounds, 1 turnover). If the Pistons are trying to achieve important things this season, this must happen on a consistent basis.

If Detroit succeeds to succeed tonight, they will have 5 final games (it fits me to think about the game against Los Angeles Clippers) and they must only visit Boston Celtics before going on the All-Week game Star Weekend.

The Detroit Pistons have everything to win this game: they are better at home, Svi and Thon Maker, and Ellington has added.

This is not just that we must be exciting to all of us who are fans of this team. If the game of the team is clicking on the way before and the "Big Three" next to connecting the new add-ons, we will not tackle the eighth place, but it is possible to achieve a sixth place with Motown.

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