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Wolf Kim, 2 shots at Budokan in elementary school The dream stage of “co-starring” with coach Keiji Suzuki –Judo –Tokyo Olympics 2020: Nikkan Sports

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◇ 29th ◇ Men’s 100kg class ◇ Nippon Budokan

Wolf Aaron (25 = Ryotokuji Daisho), who participated for the first time in the men’s 100 kg class, won the gold medal of tears. In the final, he won one after an extension to Zhao Guham (Korea Republic). This is the first time in five tournaments since Kosei Inoue (currently the men’s national team coach), who won the gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics (Olympic Games). In addition to the 17th World Championship and the 19th All Japan Championship, he also won the Olympics and became the eighth Japanese judo player to become the “Triple Crown”. After the sixth day of the competition, the five Japanese men’s gold medals were the highest in history.

    ◇    ◇    ◇  

This day has come. At the moment the game was decided, Wolf raised his hands. I barked.

“I’m glad I was able to win the muddy judo that I had until the end … I’m deeply moved to win the Tokyo Olympics, which I had been aiming for since I was a kid.

A gold medal that I got in my hometown of Tokyo. He looked back with a crumpled face, a mixture of tears and a smile.

The final is a deadly battle of 9 minutes and 35 seconds. The last one is Ouchi mowing, which is his specialty. I pierced the judo of patience. It was perfect.

“Dreams are big, goals are close”-.

Since I started judo at the age of 6, I have been following the path of judo with this word in my heart. It has been 19 years since then. “Co-starring” on the first dream stage with coach Keiji Suzuki, who is in charge of the men’s representative heavyweight class, who was respected by the Triple Crown. “Maybe fate.” The two-shot photos I took at Nippon Budokan when I was in elementary school are still on my smartphone.

I want to fight together.

In the composition I wrote when I was in middle 2, I wrote a message for myself 10 years later. The title is “Thinking about the summer of the second year of junior high school.” Suzuki should have thrown it in an international match, but he was returned to his opponent and lost. At that moment, I felt “JUDO” instead of judo. “I will continue the judo that I believe in.” Beyond that is the Dream Triple Crown. I decided so.

“There is no shortcut to dreams. There must be a dream that I envision before I make every effort. I believe that my efforts will not betray. Achieve small goals one by one toward dreams. If you go, that dream should come true. I want my values ​​10 years after reading this to be the same as my current values. “(From the text)

As you can see in this composition, we have achieved each and every goal. I overcame two serious knee injuries and reached this day with painkillers. At the end, I hugged my respected coach Suzuki and expressed my gratitude with tears.

“This has made a name for itself in the history of Japanese judo. It has been achieved and the efforts made in judo life have been rewarded.”

Achieved the feat of the 8th Triple Crown. The 25-year-old Olympic champion couldn’t stop crying.[Yuki Minegishi]

◆ Born February 25, 1996 (Heisei 8), born in Shinkoiwa, Tokyo.Born to an American father, James, who teaches English at a Japanese university, and a Japanese mother, Mikako.

◆ Judo history At the age of 6, he started judo at the Kasuga Club in the Kodokan at the recommendation of his grandfather.Chiba / Tokai Oura Yasutaka-Tokai University-Ryotokuji University

◆ Main battle history In high school, the national high school championship, the golden eagle flag, and the overall three crowns were held in team competitions.World Championships won 17 years, 5th place in 18 years, 3rd place in 19 years

◆ Injury Injured right knee meniscus in December 19 and operated on

◆ World rank 5th

◆ Kumite left

◆ Special skill Ouchi mowing and inner thigh

◆ Hobby cooking

◆ Height 181 cm


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