Woman accused behind Detroit drive

Detroit – A 46-year-old hospital involving Detroit people has been handling an occupied vehicle Monday morning lunches behind the city.

The shooting was reported at about 6:20 p.m. On Monday, when a 46 year old man signed the Detroit Police Department's Scout Car in the West Seven Mile and Livernois area, Officer Holly Lowe, a Detroit police spokesman said.

The victim was driving Ford Ford Black 2004 and hit his car with a gunfire from another vehicle, SUB Cadillac Burgundy.

The police were able to track Cadillac of the suspect person a little away. Suspected police arrested, Tonacida Dixon, retrieved on .380 handguns believed to have been used in shooting and pulled by the vehicle.

County Prosecutor Wayne Kym Worth asked Dixon to release from a vehicle, attack with a dangerous weapon, a farming firearm, domestic violence and the reckless use of a firearm.

On Tuesday's badge, Dixon gave a bond bond / 10 percent $ 30,000 and ordered he had no firearm or had no contact with the victim as his case remains. Jail County Jail Dixon records do not record current manager.

It is due at 36th Detroit District Court on February 20 for the likely cause composition and on February 25 for preliminary examination, before Judge Ronald Giles.

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