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Thursday, October 14, 2021

China News

Deputy Foreign Minister said that China and the United States set up a joint organization to resolve bilateral relations and make progressOn Meng Wanzhou’s return to China “President Xi personally cares”Taiwan Representative Hsiao Meiqin, the second secretary of the United States: Looking forward to the next Taiwan-US Economic DialogueCriticizing Taiwan’s “hype” mainland military threats the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State CouncilDevelopment and Reform Commission: Multi-measures to protect energy supply in winter and spring”Compasses” crosses Hainan and becomes the strongest typhoon in recent yearsVideo meeting with Merkel Xi: never forget old friendsChina Commentary: Why is the Northern Flood official indifferent/Text: Sun JiayeShenzhen female 41.5 million buys luxury house questioning intermediary’s price difference of 2.5 millionInhaled vaccine groove needle research indicates that the booster immune effect is significantHarvard Beijing curriculum moved to Taiwan: Opposing the politicization of humanities exchangesBeijing Universal Studios roller coaster stopped half empty, tourists climbed the ladder to evacuateWoman accused of insulting heroic Dong Cunrui sentenced to prison in July


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