Woman arrested for assaulting sports teacher

Kozhikode: A woman who was an assistant to a sports teacher who molested students in Thamarassery has been arrested. Shiny, a native of Nellipoil, was taken into custody and arrested after three hours of questioning. Police have also launched an investigation into an alumnus who helped the teacher to settle cases of bullying.

Sports teacher VT accused of harassing students Police found out that Minish was assisted by Shiny. Minesh had called the students to Shiny’s house in Nellipoil. So far, five harassment complaints have been received against Minish. Two of the tortures took place at Shiny’s house in Nellipoil.

In addition to Shiny, the students also shared information about an alumnus who helped the teacher to settle harassment cases. The investigation team is in the process of taking the alumnus into custody immediately. In a confidential statement before a magistrate, the students numbered the language and harassment of a sports teacher.

English Summary: One more arrested in Thamarassery molestation case


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