Woman in her 20s died in motel with bruises… Colleague arrested for “unconscious” reporting

A 20-year-old man suspected of beating a colleague to death has been arrested by the police.

On the 5th, Jeonju Wansan Police Station in Jeonbuk Province announced that they are investigating the emergency arrest of A (27) on charges of assault and death.

Mr A is accused of attacking and killing Mr. B (25, female) at a motel in Junghwasan-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju around 2:00 pm the previous day.

He is said to have called 119 and reported directly that “a colleague has collapsed but is unconscious.”

As a result of the investigation, traces of an attack were found on the victim’s body. Mr A said he had nothing to do with this case, but the police believed that a large part of the statement contradicted the facts and identified it as one of the main suspects.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident against Mr A while requesting an autopsy of the body to the National Institute for Scientific Investigation.

A police official said, “We intend to apply for an arrest warrant to investigate specific charges such as their relationship or motive.”

Donga.com reporter Kim Hye-rin [email protected]

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