Woman reveals discrimination in job interview with recruiter: “I still can’t believe it”

Woman exposes discrimination in job interview for being a mother and goes viral on the web. Dialogue with a recruiter caused repulsion on social networks and several people felt encouraged to report similar situations

A resident of Cariacica, in Espírito Santo, shared on social media a case of discrimination she faced during a job interview. Samara Braga, 32 years old, unemployed for two months, reported what happened on LinkedIn as a warning to other professionals.

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The recruiter was three hours late in starting the interview and, when she said she couldn’t participate at the new time, he asked her about “the routine of so many commitments for an unemployed person” and said it was “always difficult to hire someone who has children”.

“It happened to me and I can’t believe there is such a thing as a professional. Not the type of post that recruiters like to see on your profile [da rede social]but it is necessary to share”, he wrote.

The recruiter got in touch the day before the interview and scheduled an online conversation without providing details of the vacancy, according to the candidate. Then, in addition to not showing up at the scheduled time, he refused to reschedule the interview.

“Posted [no LinkedIn] so other recruiters don’t do this. Think that on the other side there is a person who is unemployed, but who has a routine. This person works in some other way, at home, taking care of a child, working extra, doing a side job. So the person is not in vain,” he says.

Labor legislation prohibits any practice of discrimination at any stage of the employment contract, including recruitment and hiring, according to the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE).

“Criteria such as pregnancy status, family situation, among others, cannot be used as factors that cause harm or disadvantages to candidates for job vacancies.”

Samara said that the episode about questions involving career and motherhood was not isolated. Some of her friends have already stated that they have experienced situations involving questions about their children during job interviews. There are also comments in the publication with other examples.

“We need greater support to carry out this motherhood with more peace of mind. Having the freedom to work without being asked if we have children, who we leave them with. These questions are frequently asked in interviews for women, but they are not asked for men.”

The administrator’s son is 6 years old and, even though she is looking for a job opportunity in the area, she says that it is possible to balance her motherly duties with the production of sweets, such as cakes and puddings.

“I felt offended, discriminated against, humiliated that I had to go to great lengths to put food in the house and still have to go through this. Women need to reinvent themselves, have to undertake at all times in order to survive. A child does not stop a woman from working, on the contrary, it is a motivation.”

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