woman-stuck-in-lockdown-with-date-is-now-marrying-him | The young woman who came to visit the little boy’s house was trapped in the lockdown; One week delay, finally married

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Unexpected lockdown for the bride who came to meet the little boy and his family before the wedding. Sao Xiaoqing, 28, of Shanxi Province, China, had to stay at the groom’s house for a week before the wedding. Anyway this week the wedding date of both of them has been fixed as per the wishes of the checker and the family.

‘I did not even think about staying there for the night. Because, it’s a very strange thing. This is only the second time I have seen him. Siokying told local media outlet Jimu News.

The wedding was too early. When I first saw the photo of the wedding boy Sao Fei, I did not like it. But when he saw it in person, he felt love.

Sao Phi has always been by my side. It touched me so much. We are like-minded people. The two got to know each other better. Both of us parents are very happy, Seokying added. The story of the two went viral on social media in China.




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