‘Women should not be allowed to write entrance exams’; The Taliban banned female students in Afghanistan

The Taliban regime has banned female Afghan students from writing university entrance exams. In this regard, the Ministry of Higher Education has issued a letter to the country’s private universities. The letter warns that if the women are admitted to the examination to be held next month, they will face strict legal action.

Last December, the Taliban regime banned women from studying in colleges and universities. After this, the activities of women’s NGOs were also stopped. As part of this, most of the schools attended by girls have been closed. The Taliban’s policy is that girls only need to study up to the 6th standard.

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After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in May 2021, all kinds of prohibitions were placed on women.

Published by:Sarika KP

First published:January 29, 2023, 22:32 IST

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