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‘Women’s Assault’ Jannabi Yoon-gyeol, agency “I’m not a Jannabi member.. I’m sorry for the bad things”

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[스포츠서울|조현정기자]When Yoon Gyeol, the drummer of the band Jannabi, was arrested by the police on charges of assaulting a woman, Jannabi’s agency explained, “Yoon Gyeol is not a member of Jannabi.”

On the 24th, Jannabi’s agency Pepony Music posted on the official SNS, “I heard about the incident through the party, drummer Yoon Gyeol. The story we heard from the person concerned was different from what was reported in the news, so we are also very embarrassed.”

He continued, “Ever since before, all of our agency’s staff and Jannabi members have always warned Yoon-gyeol not to do anything unsavory like what was reported today. However, we cannot hide our disappointment because the same thing as reported has happened.”

At the same time, Yoon Gyeol made it clear that he was not a member of Jannabi. “Before serving as a social service worker, Yoongyeol had already canceled his contract with Jannabi due to the expiration of his contract. Although I am not currently a member of Jannabi by contract, I would like to express my regret once again for this unfortunate incident.”

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul has booked Yoon Gyeol on charges of assault and is investigating. Yoon Gyeol is accused of assaulting a woman at an acquaintance’s wedding reception held at a pub in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul from the 20th to the next day. It is known that he was drunk at the time and spoke to a woman at a drinking party and hit the back of the head several times when the woman did not accept it. It is reported that Yoon Gyeol made a fuss by throwing objects in the pub.

Jannabi voluntarily left the team in 2019 when member Yoo Young-hyun was accused of inflicting school violence.

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