Womens Infant Cleaner Les Moonves Lives in a Redundant Building

He reports that he is a former CEO of CBS Les Moonves $ 12.5 million was netted in 2018, despite allegations of sexual misconduct, which was unsuccessful Gina DeMasi, 39. The single mother says she has been fighting for almost a year now to get a reasonable amount of child support from Moonves' son. Adam Moonves, who is the father of his child.

Miss Gina, 11 months old Ari Moonves, he is the only grand girl Les Moonves'. Moonves is said to have been valued at € 700 million and was among the highest paid CEOs in the United States prior to his departure from CBS among numerous allegations of sexual misconduct that arose in the United States. New York section in July 2018.

During the intensive press coverage of ouster Les Moonves from CBS, DeMasi, a former hospitality worker, was still quiet. She was looking forward to working with Moonves solicitors to get a fair return for her daughter.

DeMasi now says that it is $ 13,000 in legal fees, two months behind in its rent, and debt collectors are preventing it from unpaid bills from its hospital delivery. She considered that she had no option but to go public.

DeMasi and Adam Moonves put a date together for a few months before she became pregnant with her baby in 2017. She is living with Ari's daughter in a 500 sq ft dredging apartment in the heart of Chinat Town.

“Ari's father recognized her birth for sure. He was there for birth but he did not think he had to pay money, ”DeMasi said in an exclusive interview with Law & Crime.

“I try to keep things really clean. We are in Chinatown and it is really dirty (in this apartment building), ”DeMasi said. “A cockroach was shrinking on her high chair and then when I was washing her yesterday morning yesterday, there were jugs in the washing machine. My doctor is worried because there is a link between the development of asthma in the children and exposure to boilers. ”

Since September, after months back and forth, she says that Adam eventually agreed to pay $ 2,500 a month in child support and $ 900 a month for day care. Gina says that this is not nearly enough to cover her bills and childcare. For example, she pays $ 1,100 for her health insurance and her daughter, $ 1,500 for rent, and extra costs for food, diapers and other supplies.

“Your numbers are not accurate,” Kevin McDonough, Attorney Adam Moonves said 'in response to the allegations. McDonough, however, refused to describe why the numbers were inaccurate. However, copies of checks on child support at Law & Crime in $ 2,500 amount to Gina's claim.

Gina claims that the Moonves family are trying to intimidate her, and even threaten that she would not get much money if she took this to court.

She says Adam is trying to require Gina to live in expensive Manhattan as part of a custody arrangement.

Pictured above, Adam Moonves and Ari.

“The parties agree that all of them will continue to live in Manhattan until the child enters high school, in relation to their respective parenting times,” the draft custody agreement, which received Law & Crime, reads. . The average rent for one bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $ 2895 per month.

“Adam (Adam) is well known about how we live, he knows that we are renting, he knows that I have lost sleep over the debt collection stuff,” DeMasi said.

Kevin McDonough, attorney Adam Moonves, released the following statement on behalf of his client: t

Adam Moonves is always committed to supporting his daughter, Ari. Adam started supporting him voluntarily before she was born. Adam has always provided considerable support and will do so for Ari's life. Adam and his family love his daughter very much, and he regrets that others have made a public inquiry. It is clear that any claim that Adam did not comply with his financial obligations was false. Ari's mother has lived in her apartment for more than ten years, if she chooses to relocate, Adam will be very supportive of his decision.

Adam Moonves is co-owner of Mr Fong's Chinatown, who has described him as a “hip grunge bar for models.” DeMasi says that Adam requires no income to be made, but recently he saw a tour $ 2.2 million cooperative at 59 Fourth Ave. A few days after Law & Crime asked Adam Moonves attorney about this story, Gina says that Adam agreed to pay her child support to her, and some medical bills. We have gone out to Les Moonves to comment on him, but he said he could not talk to us and hang him.

[Images courtesy of Gina DeMasi]


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