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Jayashree Nambiar, 76 years old. Sister Anita, aged 56. Trikur, Thrissur. Greeting is very easy. Just because the house doesn’t have its own address on the wall. Today, their night life is in the house where they married Jayashree’s daughter, making only their earnings as drama. No complaints to anyone, no complaints. Once upon a time, theater actresses ran from stage to stage. What they have today are the memories the arena gave them. Putting aside the infirmities of old age, Jayashree began to speak. Back then, I lived in Thrissur Poongana during my childhood. Father Neelakandan Nair works at Sitaram Mill. Low income. He was first called in a play when he was in the ninth grade. Then he will be called to play a play in every village committee. The little salary I got was a relief to my family. The first prize is Rs.25. Meanwhile, he also acted in films. He did small roles in films like Moodupadam, Chemmeen, Mudiyanaya Putran, Salt. | Married at 22 years old. Unnikrishnan Nambiar’s husband. His departure was too soon. He died aged 40. Then there were the days when I didn’t know how I would live with four children. Drama is the only source of income. He will run around and act in every committee he can get. He will not sit at home for one day. When your body feels tired, your mind immediately rushes to some hungry faces at home. Then we will forget everything. Anita’s father died when she was two and a half years old and her mother when she was eight years old. I had a responsibility to take care of the family. By the time she reaches the 10th standard. When they said they wanted someone to do a dance scene in the play, she was also included. With that, Anita entered the field of theater as well. Meanwhile, Jayashree came to act in Kunnamkulam Geetanjali. ‘Rajan Panna Katha’ based on the then controversial case of Rajan was presented in many locations including Lakshadweep. He toured all over Kerala with amateur plays. In those days there was a library in every country. There are plays all over the place. Several plays like Suryavetta, Nagastra, Samasya and Begumrigam were performed. There is no free time to sit at home even for one day. 1990 – March 11, the day life changed. He was going to Edapal to perform Thrissur Kala Kendra’s play ‘Tenchethikavile Depararadhana’. It must be half past four in the evening. Exhausted after yesterday’s presentation, he sat in the back seat and passed out. The van met with an accident at Kanipayyur. Eight people died. We were 16 actors in the car. I was unconscious for a month. The wire is still on my arm and leg. Anita was also there. He lost sight in one eye in the accident. ‘I will tell you now.’ Anita began to say slowly. I entered the field of theater by playing the role of Karthu in the play ‘Saparya’. For the first time, I got an award of Rs. That was the first present I gave my sister. Later a full length character in the play ‘Parivantam’. I will always be there to play drama with my sister. Played in many committees like Thrissur Natakvedi, Thrissur Hits International, Thrissur Geetanjali. The last drama is ‘Varsha Meghamane Kath’ directed by Surasu. Presented by Thrissur Geetanjali. He acted with Mammootty in the movie “Manivathurile Ayas Shivaratrikal”. After the accident that day, all illnesses continued without exception. In 1995, he had to undergo major surgery on his head. Eye surgery again two years ago. A lot of money is needed every month just for medicine. Still blind. Can’t smell. Doctors say it’s all an accident to the brain. He didn’t even have time to remember his own affairs. If he is called to make a play, there is no question of where to go. Go play. Do something at home with the money you get. If you ask what has been achieved in the end, now there is no answer. I need a house. to claim as your own. Sitting on the threshold of the house, they said sometime. ‘Sometimes we laugh out loud. Storytelling of that day’s drama. Then, only then’ Read on

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