Women’s National Table Tennis Team has five wins and five wins to advance to the quarterfinals of the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships team competition jqknews

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Guoping “Little Demon King” Sun Yingsha took the lead. Photo by Anyuan

China News Service, Chengdu, October 6th (Reporter He Shaoqing Anyuan) The 2022 56th ITTF World Table Tennis Team Championship (Final) Chengdu (referred to as the “Chengdu World Table Tennis Team Championship”) was held on the evening of the 5th In the round shot, the Hungarian National Table Tennis Women’s Team defeated 3:0 and advanced to the quarter-finals of the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships with an excellent record of five wins and five losses.

Chen Meng in the game. Photo by Anyuan

Chen Meng in the game. Photo by Anyuan

In this match, Guoping “Little Devil” Sun Yingsha was in the lead, she was the world No. 1 in a quick battle, winning 11:4, 11:2 and 11:2. Chen Meng, who appeared later, also had a fierce offensive, winning his opponent for 11:4, 11:4, and 11:3. Wang Manyu, who appeared in third place, did not give his opponent a chance and won a big score. (finish)

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