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Women’s national team coach Bell’s loss against the United States, the team lacked stamina

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[마이데일리 = 김종국 기자] The women’s team suffered a devastating loss in a friendly match against the world’s strongest United States.

The women’s national team lost 0-6 in the friendly match against the United States at Allianz Field in St. Paul, Minnesota on the morning of the 27th (Korean time). The women’s team, which played well by drawing a draw with the United States in the first match held on the 22nd, recorded a devastating defeat in the second match.

Coach Colin Bell of the women’s national team said after the game with the US, “The first game was good in terms of content. was different,” he said.

Regarding the change in the composition of the players compared to the first game, “In the case of goalkeepers, Kim Jeong-mi appeared in the second game to provide an opportunity for the two players to compete by running one game each. We put in experienced players,” he explained.

Regarding allowing a large number of goals at the end of the match, “The cause is clear. There was not enough time to recover after playing an intense game in the first leg. Also, the overall stamina of the team was lacking.” “The United States is a world-class team, It is made up of players with excellent physical strength. It was physically insufficient to deal with such a strong team. Even though I wanted to change players through the first and second games, there was a limitation because the physical difference between the players was noticeable. “We have to aim for a high-level team like the United States, and to do that, we have to physically raise our players.”

He also said, “I think the third goal in the second half was the starting point. Since then, as I have fallen physically, I have lost concentration and made more mistakes. Teams like the United States continue to come out strong. If it gets higher and you lose concentration, you will concede. In moving forward, you have to strengthen your stamina based on those teams.”

Coach Colin Bell said, “I saw in the first game that if you prepare well enough, you can play an equal game with a team like this. In the second game, it was a short time before conceding in the second half, but it was good. This came out, and the United States found out about our mistakes.” In addition, when asked about what needs to be improved in preparation for the Asian Cup, he said, “The biggest part is the physical part. I don’t think our players lack tactical understanding or skills. We have to improve the quality,” he said.

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By Kim Jong-guk, staff reporter [email protected]

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