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Women’s professional volleyball IBK Industrial Bank of Korea lost in the Songhwa crisis

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[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Kim Yong-seok = Women’s professional volleyball IBK IBK is struggling.

The direct cause is IBK’s setter and captain, Jo Song-hwa, leaving the team without permission. On the 16th, Jo Song-hwa expressed dissatisfaction with Seo Nam-won’s training method and left without permission. It’s just after they have won one out of seven straight losses since the start. Coach Sani Kim also expressed his gratitude to the club.

On the 23rd, during the ‘2021~2022 Dodram V-League’ women’s revival Heungkuk Life and IBK Industrial Bank game held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon, I watched the players and saw Kim Sani acting as interim coach. [사진= KOVO]

Afterwards, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea fired coach Seo Nam-won and general manager Yoon Jae-seop, and gave coach Kim Sa-ni, who left the team, the acting manager position. However, it was criticized by fans. The IBK club explained, “It is an unavoidable situation. We will temporarily act as a manager until a new manager is selected.”

The clumsy administration of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which brought Sani Kim back to life, is on the cutting edge. Jo Song-hwa, who made a protruding action, took out a ‘random termination’ card and held it. However, I forgot that a voluntary application in writing by the player must precede the voluntary cancellation. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism introduced a standard contract in June with the goal of enhancing the rights and interests of players and amended the regulations related to voluntary termination. In April of last year, Cho Song-hwa transferred his team from Heungkuk Life Insurance to IBK Industrial Bank of Korea for a total of 270 million won (an annual salary of 250 million won and an option 20 million won) as a free agent (FA). The fact that a professional player who was paid as much as his own skill left the team without saying anything is an act of forgetting his duty as a professional player.

Returning as acting coach on the 19th, Sani Kim won the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 23rd, where he took the first baton. Afterwards, he shed tears, saying, “Director Seo Nam-won was angry with me and there were insults and abusive language that I couldn’t put into words.” Of course, former director Seo Nam-won refuted the exposure of acting director Kim Sani’s ‘violence’. While Songhwa keeps her mouth shut, a battle of truth is taking place. The rise of ‘director incompetence’ along with ‘verbal language’ can be seen as a result of the failure of communication that binds the team together.

As implied by this, Kim Yeon-kyung, a ‘volleyball empress’ who fought in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics, posted on SNS on the 22nd, “It looks gorgeous and good on the outside, but the inside is rotten and scorched. Feeling. You may feel afraid of change, but now seems to be the time for all of us to change.”

Volleyball fans also took action. On the 23rd, in front of the headquarters of IBK Industrial Bank in Jung-gu, Seoul, ‘IBK changing the world? Industrial Bank of Korea that only changes directors!’

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