Women’s volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics semifinals to receive a total of 600 million won in prize money

The Korean women’s volleyball team, who reached the world’s semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics, will receive a total of 600 million won in prize money.

The Korea Volleyball Association announced on the 9th that Shinhan Financial Group, an official sponsor, will deliver a reward of 200 million won to the women’s volleyball team, and a total of 600 million won will be paid to the team.

Korean women’s volleyball challenged for the first time in 45 years since the bronze medal at the 1976 Montreal Games at the Tokyo Olympics. He showed a fighting spirit in every match and made it to the semi-finals with a victory that overturned his objective power, but lost to Brazil in the semi-finals and Serbia in the bronze medal match, and the medal was canceled. However, the fighting spirit of women’s volleyball, which competed on an equal footing with world powers, moved not only volleyball fans but also many people.

In response, the Volleyball Association promised 200 million won and the Korea Volleyball Federation promised a reward of 200 million won.

Reporter Oh Hae-won


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