Won dollar exchange rate slightly increased 10898 won… KOSPI’s strength reduces the rise

On the 8th, the won/dollar exchange rate ended below 1,090 won.

On that day, the won/dollar exchange rate in the Seoul foreign exchange market rose 2.5 won to 1,089.8 won.

The exchange rate started at 1,093.3 won, up 6.0 won from the previous day.

It seemed to try to break through 1,100 won as it climbed to 1,098.9 won during the morning.

The risky asset rally continues, with the New York Stock Market hitting an all-time high last night, but the won/dollar exchange rate was under strong upward pressure from the recent weakening of the dollar.

The recent perception that the dollar has fallen excessively has spread to the market, and the US Democratic Party won both seats in the Georgia senator runoffs, stimulating expectations for economic stimulus, leading to a rebound in the dollar.

However, the exchange rate returned a significant portion of the rise as the KOSPI rise in the afternoon market increased.

Kospi finished the market at 3,152.18, up 120.50 points (3.97%) from the previous day.

In the securities market, foreigners net bought over 1.6 trillion won.

The intraday decline in the value of the renminbi against the dollar was also a factor limiting the top of the exchange rate.

Samsung Futures researcher Jeon Seung-ji analyzed that “the dollar was generally strong, but foreigners showed aggressive net buying in the domestic stock market, and the renminbi fell during the intraday, reducing the rise.”

The KRW/JPY financial exchange rate is 1,048.99 KRW per 100 yen at 3:30 pm.

It was 4.65 won lower than the standard price (1,053.64 won) at 3:30 pm the previous day.

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