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Won Hee-ryong’s wife, “Lee Jae-myung is a sociopath”…”Doctor ethics problem”

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Kang Yun-hyeong, a psychiatrist and wife of candidate Won Hee-ryong, the presidential contender for the People’s Power, is controversial because she described Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung as a ‘sociopath’ and an antisocial personality disorder.

Criticism is coming out that it is okay for a psychiatrist to say something like this without making a diagnosis, or that he has violated the ethics of a doctor for political purposes.

This news will be delivered by reporter Kim Ji-kyung.

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In October 2019, the Ministry of Health and Welfare received the National Audit Certificate.

An opposition lawmaker claims President Moon Jae-in’s forgetfulness and associates it with early symptoms of dementia.

[김승희/당시 자유한국당 의원]

“People are worried about their family’s dementia, and at the same time, they’re worried a lot about the president’s memory problems these days.”

In the 2017 presidential election, the theory of dementia spread by far-right YouTubers reappeared, but the state audit eventually went bankrupt.

Dong-Min Dong: For the president, is it forgetfulness or dementia?

Seunghee Kim: Isn’t it true that my memory is wrong?

Dongmin Dongmin: Apologize formally!

The attack that the presidential candidate has a mental illness also appeared this time.

Kang Yun-hyeong, a psychiatrist and wife of People’s Power Candidate Won Hee-ryong, took the lead.

[강윤형/원희룡 후보 부인 (정신과 전문의)]

“It’s called antisocial personality disorder, but in fact, the characteristic of people who have personality problems and cause them is that they are not suffering from themselves, but are suffering around them.”

Candidate Lee Jae-myung demanded an apology, saying it was an unfounded attack on the person, but Won Hee-ryong refused, and there were shouts of voice during the live broadcast.

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Won Hee-ryong: Do you know if Governor Lee Jae-myung is a sociopath or not? I’m just stating my position. I don’t know

Hyun Geun-taek: What is the rationale? Are you diagnosing? You’re not diagnosing it.

Won Hee-ryong: I believe my wife is not a person to tell lies. I will take responsibility.

This controversy is spreading beyond the usual arguing that a psychiatrist came forward, and is spreading to a doctor’s ethical issue.

It is said that he was abusing his professionalism as a doctor for political purposes.

In the United States, it is unethical for a psychiatrist to publicly comment on the mental health status of a public figure that he or she has not personally examined.

[박호균/의료 전문 변호사]

“If the person who made the remark was a common person, it could be said that he was just swearing, but that he is a psychiatrist, so there is an aspect that is very inappropriate…”

While Candidate Won Hee-ryong insists on the people’s right to know and insists that there is no need to apologize, a civic group today filed a complaint with the prosecution against Kang Yun-hyeong for spreading false information.

This is Kim Ji-kyung from MBC News.

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