“WONDERFUL LIFE OF WONDERFUL LOVE”: Exploring Love and Identity Through Art at Icon of Siam Exhibition

Icon of Siam Presents “Wonderful Life of Wonderful Love” Art Exhibition

The Icon of Siam invites art enthusiasts to delve into the diverse perspectives on love showcased by six talented artists in their latest exhibition. Titled “Wonderful Life of Wonderful Love,” this exhibition offers a unique and positive outlook on love from various characters, each represented by a distinct artist.

Emphasizing the universal nature of love, the artworks in this exhibition embrace love for not only human beings but also animals and the environment. Each piece is infused with heartfelt emotions, representing a character overflowing with love. These artworks go beyond the conventional portrayal of romance and instead depict love as an integral part of our everyday lives, emphasizing the connection between love, life, and personal identity.

The Characters

Embarking on this love-filled journey are Friday, Little Cupid, and his faithful guard dog Taro, along with other adorable creatures from various corners of the world, such as Orathai the cat, Hoki the hedgehog, Hyoman the tiger, and the chubby little squirrel.

1. “Friday” by A – Narisara Phianwimungsa

Little Cupid, the son of the goddess Venus, represents the embodiment of love in all its forms. This character, devoid of any specific gender, allows viewers to explore love through their own emotions. “Friday I in love” reflects a lighthearted love for humanity, as ephemeral as a wispy cloud. Just like the carefree feeling of Fridays, it serves as a reminder to shed our responsibilities and bask in the joy of love before the weekend begins.

2. “Maew Orathai” by Tee – Koson Khajikrailas

Maew Orathai, the introverted cat, seeks affection and warmth from those around. As a stray cat residing in the bustling city’s alleyways, this character yearns for a loving home. Through dressing up discarded objects, Maew Orathai captures the attention and admiration of passersby, igniting a desire within them to provide a forever home for this feline.

3. “Tiger Hyoman” by Tiger – Thanasak Salalom

Hyoman, also known as Tiger Man, represents a person trapped in a transformed state, unable to return to their human form. Along with grappling with this newfound identity, Hyoman must navigate the challenging task of forming new relationships. Much like the vibrant world surrounding them, these characters must mutually give and receive love as they find solace and healing.

4. “Hit Dog” by Oh – Thanawat Srikaew

Hit Dog, the guardian dog of the kingdom of love, embarks on a remarkable adventure to seek love in the vast world. Along the journey, Hit Dog encounters diverse companions, experiencing a range of emotions, from a sea of happiness to a desert of sorrow. These encounters contribute to Hit Dog’s personal growth and serve as valuable life lessons.

5. “Hockey Hedgehog” by Tan – Chawinphon Nueangjamnong

Hockey Hedgehog, an extraterrestrial creature resembling a hedgehog, possesses a crystalline back. Captured by an illicit animal smuggling syndicate, Hockey Hedgehog’s crystal back changes color based on its surroundings and mood. However, a fortuitous mishap allows Hockey Hedgehog to escape to Earth. Now, their mission is to navigate various adventures while sharing love and emotions, ultimately finding a way back to their home planet.

6. “Squirrel Yui” by Lookplub – Oraya Laddaklom

Squirrel Yui, the mischievous white squirrel with an insatiable sweet tooth, radiates a retro vibe and possesses a unique identity. Yui carries a heart that mirrors the smiles of those they encounter, accompanied by the phrase “I like your smile.” This character serves as a reminder for individuals to cherish their own happiness, highlighting the importance of self-love.

Visitors are warmly invited to explore the diverse meanings of love through these enchanting characters. This extraordinary exhibition, titled “Wonderful Life Wonderful Love,” will run until September 30th at the ICONLUXE POP UP SPACE on the 1st floor of ICONSIAM. Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, except on holidays. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Icon of Siam Invites you to find perspectives on love from 6 artists, 6 characters in “WONDERFUL LIFE OF WONDERFUL LOVE” art exhibition from a positive perspective which reflects the artist’s identity or character Through the love and feelings that surround us Whether it is love for fellow humans, animals, and the environment, each piece of work is a character full of love. that is not based on romance only But it is a scene of love based on the reality of life. which binds between “love, life, and identity” of each individual, led by Friday, little Cupid, and his guard dog Taro. and small animals from around the world, including Orathai the cat, Hoki the hedgehog, Hyoman the tiger, and the chubby little squirrel. who travel and find their love together in this ideal world

ICONSIAM, a world-class landmark along the Chao Phraya River Come and see an exhibition by 6 artists.

6 characters, the works on display include paintings and sculptures, all of which have different personalities, such as

1.“Friday” by A – Narisara Phianwimungsa Little Cupid, son of the goddess Venus, an unknown sex who imagines love in your own emotions who is ready to give or ready to long for love around you It’s love during Friday “Friday I in love”, a scene of love for fellow men that is as light as a fluffy cloud. If we understand and let it float away Just like Friday, which is the last day of responsibilities you have to shoulder. Before the weekend break

2. “Maew Orathai” by Tee – Koson Khajikrailas An introverted cat who demands love and warmth from those around you A stray cat left in a small alley in the capital. I have a dream of owning a house. So I took things that were thrown away and dressed them up. to make passersby stop and look and see the beauty and adoration from the pleading eyes until they want to adopt

3. “Tiger Hyoman” by Tiger – Thanasak Salalom Hyoman or Tiger Man (Seren) Saming Mr person who is trapped in a soul Unable to return to being human like before And still having to lose friends. He had to fight within this new self. You must also try to build relationships with new friends. In this bright world By passing love between each other

4. “Hit Dog” by Oh – Thanawat Srikaew Guardian dog living in the kingdom of love Decide on an adventure to find love in the vast world. Met many different friends. During the journey, we encountered a sea of ​​happy feelings. desert of sorrow It was an adventure that Taro never thought he would come across. But I have learned and grown from past experiences.

5. “Hockey Hedgehog” by Tan – Chawinphon Nueangjamnong A hedgehog-shaped alien creature with a back made of crystal. Captured by a special animal smuggling gang from planet C-66 to be auctioned off on the black market. Because of the special nature of the crystal on the back of the hockey stick. It changes color according to the situation and the mood. But then there was an accident along the way causing the ship to fall to Earth. It allowed Hockey to escape. But still need adventure and transfer love feelings about things Find a way to return to the home planet.

6. “Squirrel Yui” by Lookplub – Oraya Laddaklom White squirrels have a mischievous personality and love to eat the most. especially desserts This time, Chao Yui comes in Retro style, looks retro and has a special identity. is to hold the heart that looks like a mirror reflection Along with the words written: “I like your smile” in order to give everyone you meet can see reflection and saw his own smile Let me we do not smile for ourselves. It’s like another way of saying you love yourself.

We invite you to explore the meaning of “love” from six characters. Meeting in this ideal world They will take us on a journey with them with happiness and smiles at the Wonderful Life Wonderful Love exhibition from today until 30 September this year at ICONLUXE POP UP SPACE, 1st floor, ICONSIAM, from 10:00 am – 10 :00 pm, excluding holidays. Free entry, no fees.

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