Woo Sang-ho “If Lee Jun-seok is genuine, ‘We serve President Bae Eun-mang-deok'”

On the morning of the 13th at the Ulsan Exhibition and Conference Heart, Chairman Woo Sang-ho of the Emergency Response Committee claps his arms at the joint speech of the chief of the Democratic Bash and the prospect for the Supreme Council. Ulsan | random news

Woo Sang-ho, chairman of the Democratic Party’s unexpected emergency countermeasures committee, explained on the 14th, “(The day ahead of), if the words of Lee Jun-seok, previous People’s Power consultant, are accurate, we will mourn, ‘ In truth , we have an ungrateful president.”

Chairman Woo reported, “Yesterday, former president Jun-seok Lee worked so tricky to make president though he was crying and crying, but that man or woman said to himself, ‘This bastard’, the That bastard,’ he stated. Even now, he beloved the three letters of ‘Be patient’ and labored difficult to earn an individual like that.” Following referring to former Chairman Lee Jun-seok’s push conference the working day just before, Chairman Woo said, “The Republic of Korea is led by a individual who are not able to attain national unity, let on your own unity inside of the get together . The people are worried about whether or not that will take place,” he stated.

Chairman Woo said, “The persons are starting up to search at the Democratic Celebration once again.” He extra, “Should not the Democratic Celebration be a shot that defends the livelihood and democracy of the folks as an alternate opposition social gathering? “I believe the approval score is reversing simply because those people anticipations are reviving,” he said. Chairman Woo mentioned, “When I 1st commenced as Blitz Chairman, our party’s approval rating was 23-24%, which was extremely disastrous. These days, there are several poll outcomes exhibiting that the approval ranking is way forward of the people power,” he claimed.

Chairman Woo explained, “If it is at the level of the ruling social gathering to say ‘I hope it rains so that the images come out well’ in front of the flood victims, then our management is an individual like Park Hong-geun, who cries. at the funeral of the disabled family members who died because we could not get out of the semi-basement space.”

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