Woo Sang-ho “Normal operation of the Special Committee on State Affairs… Schedule and adoption of witnesses tomorrow morning”

Woo Sang-ho, chairman of the Special Committee on Government Investigations to discover the truth of the ’10/29 disaster’, held a plenary meeting tomorrow morning and announced that he would follow the government’s investigation timetable and the procedure for selection. witnesses.

Chairman Woo Sang-ho held a press conference at the National Assembly today and said, “The special committee was supposed to start full activities together with the budget bill, but the budget bill was not dealt with by the statutory deadline , which is December 2, the end of the regular session of the National Assembly on the 9th, or the 15th proposed by the speaker of the National Assembly.

He added, “We cannot delay the government’s investigation into the Itaewon disaster, which is the firm order of the people and the desperate desire of the bereaved families,” and he emphasized that the three opposition parties would be tomorrow morning, even if the party that management attends. gathers to hold a plenary meeting of the parliamentary investigation committee.

“We live in a sad country where we have not been able to protect not only the victims of the disaster, but even the survivors,” said Chairman Woo.

He said, “It is good to start even in the form of an opening car. Because you have to pick up guests in the back, it is wise to go slowly and not speed up.” The government suggested that it would launch a scale a full parliamentary inquiry in a way that the opposition parties and the opposition parties continue to consult with.

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