Woon-gyu Baek’s office, home, and up to 6 public institutions are searched and confiscated


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The so-called blacklist case of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, in which the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy had forced the presidents of public corporations under its jurisdiction to resign.

Immediately after the election, the prosecution launched a full-scale investigation, and now the investigation seems to be accelerating.

Simultaneous raids and searches were conducted on the home and office of former Minister Baek Un-gyu, as well as six affiliated organizations.

While the investigation into the subpoena of former Minister Baek is predicted, attention is focused on how far the investigation will go.

Correspondent Kim Ji-in.

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The office of Professor Baek Un-gyu, former Minister of Industry, Hanyang University.

After the search and seizure, the prosecutor’s office comes out.

It is known that they have secured data such as the e-mail details of former Minister Baek.

“What kind of things did you search for today?”

A search and seizure was also conducted at the home of former Minister Baek.

In the early days of the Moon Jae-in administration, the Ministry of Industry, a so-called ‘blacklist’, was suspected of urging the presidents of public corporations under the Moon Jae-in government to resign.

As soon as the presidential election was over, the prosecution searched the Ministry of Industry and launched a full-scale investigation into the accusation three years ago, and aimed at former Minister Baek in about 50 days.

[백운규 / 전 산업통상자원부 장관]

“We were instructed to move and not to do so, and to always conduct business in compliance with laws and regulations…”

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Simultaneous raids and searches were carried out in six locations including the Energy Technology Evaluation Institute, the Korea National Oil Management Institute, and the Korea Coal Corporation.

[한국석유관리원 관계자]

“It is confirmed that you are requesting materials related to the appointment of executives.”

The heads of agencies where the raids were carried out also suddenly resigned from 2017 to 2018, leaving six months to more than two years of tenure.

In addition to the four power generation subsidiaries that were initially suspected, the prosecution also seized and searched four institutions, including the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation and the Korea Energy Corporation, in March.

The resigned heads of institutions were questioned as witnesses, and in addition to the head of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy at the time, former Vice Minister Lee In-ho was also called to the prosecution.

All that is left of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is former Minister Baek Un-gyu. As soon as the prosecution finishes analyzing the confiscated material, it will summon former Minister Baek to investigate.

According to the results of the investigation on former Minister Paik, it is expected that the investigation will go up to the top of the Blue House’s senior personnel office at the time.

This is Kim Ji-in from MBC News.

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