words that do not fit the context; Belgium coach against De Bruyne

World Cup Qatar 2022

words that do not fit the context; Belgium coach against De Bruyne

Belgium’s defeat by Morocco underlined the fact that World Cup games will never end. Atlas Lions beat the Red Devils by two goals.

After the team’s defeat, superstar Kevin De Bruyne’s words were discussed again. The player said that they are getting old and many of the best players have left the team.

In an interview with The Guardian, De Bruyne said this when assessing the chances of getting the World Cup.

No, we’re too old. I think 2018 was when we had a chance. We have a great team, but that team is getting old.

We have lost some great players. Many new players are coming to the team. But they haven’t been able to replace the 2018 team,” said De Bruyne.

Belgium flew to Qatar with seven 30-year-old players.

But Belgium coach Roberto Martinez has come out rejecting De Bruyne’s words. Martinez said it was the first time De Bruyne had reacted like this.

The Mirror reports the news, citing Martinez.

‘This is the first time I have heard Kevin make such comments. Players may have to speak to the media every day during the World Cup.

90% of what is said there will be positive. But there’s always a word or two that doesn’t fit the context.

A player has the right to express his opinion. We’ve been together for six years and these kinds of comments will never help you win. It could be a double cliffhanger. What is important is what happens behind the scenes,’ said Martinez.

After the loss the day before, Belgium has dropped to third place in the group standings. Morocco defeated Belgium by two goals.

In the first half of the game, both teams went forward without conceding a single step, and it ended in a goalless draw. But Atlas Lions took the lead through Romaine Zayas from the game. When Zacharia scored a goal in extra time, Belgium collapsed without even a chance to get back in the game.

Belgium can only enter the knockout stage if they beat Croatia in the next game.

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