Work came in… suddenly I received a postcard that is over 100 years old!!!

(Photo credit by Facebook Positively Belding)

The event came in… suddenly received a postcard that is over 100 years old!!!

On September 8, 2022

Brittany Kish, a woman from Belding, Michigan, USA

standing confused like a chicken with a broken eye When I opened the mailbox, I found a dated postcard. 29 October 1920

After being mindful of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 2022-2020 = 102 years!!!

Is this it?

Kish said she thought this was true at first or who was kidding?

But looking at the postcard in ‘old time

Also set with a portrait of President George Washington for 1 cent.

Kish believes soPostcards like this may not be available for purchase on eBay. ait should be real

She was determined to find the heir of Roy McQueen, the recipient’s name on the postcard page.

by bringing a picture of the postcard to post on the Facebook pageBelding is positive” to the Belding community

Let’s do good things Help find the heir of the owner of this postcard.

the villagers help themShare thousands of timesEven the New York Times

Followed by interviews with Brittany Kish and Mee.Good newsthat began to have clues that would lead

Heir Mr. Roy McQueen.

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