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Workers at an iPhone factory climb a fence to escape the factory. after being quarantined due to the outbreak of COVID-19 In the factory according to the zero covid policy

Yesterday (October 30, 2022), the BBC news agency reported that employees of Foxconn, which has a production base in Zhengzhou. About 10 people climbed over the wall of the factory. because they don’t want to be confined within the factory According to the no covid policy currently used by Chinese authorities after the start of COVID-19 inside the factory.

Reuters reported that over the past week. The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been reported In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, 167 people, up 97 from the previous week. The city’s population of around 10 million people is being restricted due to the enforcement of the zero coronavirus policy.

Foxconn is a company that produces mobile phone spare parts for Apple in the United States. There are thousands of workers. But when this case of COVID-19 happened, the company did not notify the total number of cases of COVID-19.

However, the BBC reporter in China reported that After an incident at the factory it was found that many workers chose to walk back to their hometowns instead of using public transport. to avoid spreading the infection to others

The Financial Times reported that a 22-year-old worker said:

There was chaos in the accommodation. He and a friend decide to climb the factory fence to escape the shelter.

In addition, within the factory, the area where the positive people were collected was limited. and do an infection test every day

On October 19, Foxconn announced that it would close the factory canteen and asked all workers to eat in their rooms. And the Chinese government has approved a measure that all workers eat in their rooms. For the health and life safety of all workers

but at the same time the representative of the company also informed that The production process will continue as usual.

The company also added that For workers who do not want to be in the factory The company, together with government officials, is acquiring vehicles to send workers home.

manage these Rising from the Chinese government has given power to all provinces. to control the spread of COVID-19 to be in the most limited range both in terms of disease control, site restrictions, disease screening and travel

There are still many opinions that demand that the Chinese government end its zero tolerance policy by the end of the year. But the hopes were flickering. Because in the 20th session of the General Assembly, President Xi Jinping clearly signaled that

relaxing this policy will certainly not happen anytime soon.

Sources: BBC, Reuters, THE Financial Times


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