World AIDS Day 2021 Is Covid a Turning Point?

Chalermphon Polmuk, Vice President of the Thammarak Foundation said the number of people infected with HIV Global AIDS patients at the 2021 United Nations Conference on AIDS in New York have adopted a new political declaration. for the world to end the AIDS problem in 2030 or the next nine years.

The global HIV epidemic since 1981 to the present, nearly 40 years ago, more than 37.7 million people infected worldwide, over 36 million people died of AIDS in 2020. 26 million people infected with HIV worldwide… progress of vaccine trials Currently undergoing research studies in Phase 3.

one information from Dr. Preecha Prempree, Deputy Director-General, Department of Disease Control Ministry of Health states that in Thai society we have followed the above political declaration The goal is…reducing the number of new HIV-infected people by no more than 1,000 people per year…reducing deaths from AIDS by no more than 4,000 people per year.

…reduce disgust, stigma and discrimination against HIV-infected people. In 2020, only 4,855 new cases were found, and 11,882 deaths were reported.

Chalermphon Polmuk, Vice President of the Thammarak Foundation

reflect the number of people infected with HIV AIDS patients in our Thai society since 1984-2020, totaling 36 years, with a cumulative number of 462,376 infected people. Of these, 94.3% of those infected who knew their status were on antiretroviral therapy. Hundreds 83.5 per cent who are in a state of suppressing the virus or controlling the virus successfully 97.2%

“All of us will see the information and guidelines for the operation of AIDS control in Thailand that have been effective in the top levels of various countries as well,” said Chalermpol.

At the same time, the government has encouraged people who are at risk of becoming infected with new infections to access screening kits that meet the standards of the FDA to detect HIV by taking blood from the fingertips. Results are known within 1 Minutes and saliva test kits read results within 20 minutes…available at modern drugstores across the country.

for the behavior ofget HIV virus” that comes from a variety of contexts One thing that has been asked and needs answers is… sex trading in our diverse Thai society amid the COVID-19 pandemic. nightlife Sex places, bars, karaoke…

Thek, pubs, bartenders, entertainment parlors, massage parlors, etc. are closed by laws…regulations to prevent the spread of the outbreak. Those who earn their living in such a state of honesty…blackness…gray of professions. Many people have lost their jobs. Turning to a new form of prostitution, escort, social dating

or…in the case of high school students who use free contraceptive implants in government services He saw that sex at that age was normal. without considering becoming a new HIV-infected person in the future

including some places that are easy to find Use less expensive sex services that are known only to sex tourists…

The past tense is not very long Around July 1993, the Longman Dictionary of English and Culture mentions the image of Thailand as “It is the capital of the world prostitutes.

And in February 2017, the British media “Mirror” reported that Pattaya was The “sex capital of the world” has up to 27,000 prostitutes.

It must be emphasized that… “The physical, mental and social health of people living with HIV Those with AIDS in modern times are able to live like normal people in society. Some people are physically strong It does not indicate that it is HIV-infected … AIDS patients. Able to perform normal work duties … a variety of establishments accept work.”

While many people with HIV are good people, considerate and help others. help the surrounding community is admirable One question is, is there any agency to host the quality of life for them to be good people of society?

“Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu” Thammarak Foundation by Phrarajwisutthiprachanat, Luang Por Alongkot, has provided assistance in caring for people with HIV. AIDS patients and those affected by the disease, including infected children, parents, grandparents, relatives, people with crippled limbs, blindness, deafness, dogs and cats that have been abandoned since 1992.

Until now, some infected people still face the same problems, for example, their relatives are still afraid to reject it. Disgusted to stay together in the house have come to live in the temple Reverend Father has arranged work duties, occupations to do, have income, not a burden of society…

“Thai society”, some of us have a positive attitude towards people living with HIV, AIDS patients, but the number of people infected with HIV is still spreading in every province. may include places of incarceration in prison Prisons…the behavior of using intravenous drugs still exists. Condomless sex persists.

Including other risky behaviors of becoming a new HIV infection still occur in Thai society. At the same time, advances in AIDS vaccine trials still have to wait. or drugs to treat infections or cure AIDS It is also an expectation of the future that may not be precisely indicative of a specific date.

One fact of both our Thai society and the world society today If someone becomes HIV positive or become infected with COVID-19 They know the medical services they support.

Chalermphon emphasized that HIV-infected people AIDS patients in this era epidemic era “Covid-19″… still have questions that need answers… Sick of AIDS or getting sick?Covid-19 All of them are caused by the lack of immune deficiency in the body. reckless lifestyle Lack of reflection on life that should have good standards

“death” and “death”, both of the aforementioned diseases and other causes that have a significant number in the lives of people who deserve to die when they are old Sick with an uncontrollable epidemic It still exists… How are we going to survive in this era?

December 1 of every year is…”world aids day” In many countries, including Thailand, we have campaigns to educate people to prevent HIV infection. With the slogan of World AIDS Day in the first year 1988 that…

“AIDS can be prevented. If we join together around the world”

When it comes to this year, 2021 has the motto that “Ending inequality, ending the epidemic, ending AIDS”…is still a word and meaning passed on to governments, national leaders, agencies, organizations, personnel working in the field and those involved.

Such implications are extremely profound. Which is the result that will truly end the situation of AIDS soon or not? It would depend on sincerity and seriousness in practice.


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