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Chinese medicine teaches 5 main healing methods, suitable for those who stay up late to watch the waves.

Whenever a big football match is held, because of the time difference, fans who love football can only stay up late to watch the game.

As a result, I was depressed at work, dizzy and hot, and suffering from various ailments. You need to know that staying up late for a long time will have many long term bad effects on the body.

In fact, in addition to watching football matches for entertainment, many people have to work through the night due to their busy schedules. In today’s society, working late at night or even staying up all night is quite common among Hong Kong people. In addition, many types of work require shift work or long-term night shift work, which also puts a burden on the body. In other words, the sleeping habits of people who work night shifts for a long time, such as people who stay up all night occasionally, will also be reversed, which will affect their health.

affect brain function

It seems that disturbed sleep can greatly affect work performance. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can slow brain responses, reduce concentration, and reduce memory, affecting work performance during the day.

Especially for mechanical operators, a little distraction often has serious consequences. Therefore, in order to buy time to work through the night, the performance is often not as good as expected. Instead of working hard and staying up all night, it is better to find a way to allow yourself to enjoy high quality sleep, and your work performance may be better.

Endocrine effects

Staying up late for a long time not only affects work, but also has to lose health. As sleep is an important time for the brain to rest, lack of sleep can affect how the brain works. In addition, a variety of endocrine in the body also depends on sleep regulation. In other words, changes in sleep physiology will affect endocrine and slow down the body’s repair function. It will also cause people to be in an active state of sympathetic nerves for a long time. Over time, it will cause a series of metabolic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

Yin deficiency constitution

Chinese medicine believes that night is the time when the body’s yang energy enters the yin compartment. Under the state of normal sleep, yin and yang intersect, the human body can be rested, and sleep can nourish yin and blood.

Therefore, lack of sleep or insomnia at night is the most likely cause of yin deficiency. As a result, people will feel emotionally excited, dry mouth and tongue, upset and irritable, rapid heartbeat, but feel tired easily. With the passage of time, the lack of Yin will affect Yang, and other diseases will occur.

People who stay up late5 ways to improve

People who stay up late have the following five healing methods:

The problem of insomnia is quite complex in TCM theory. There are many fractal forms, and different treatment plans will be adopted according to different constitutions and physical conditions. Sometimes acupuncture and scratching therapy can also help sleep. So it is best to ask a registered Chinese medicine practitioner about the treatment method. Traditional Chinese medicine treats insomnia, which can help get rid of the trouble of taking sleeping pills for a long time, and it is safe and reliable.

Author: Lu Zhaosheng, registered Chinese medicine practitioner

Gayon in the same field: 10 kinds of food KO insomnia

Taiwanese nutritionist Gao Minmin has once posted on the Facebook page, saying that curing insomnia can start with diet and intake of 3 major nutrients that can help improve sleep. He explained the role of nutrients, and referred to many examples of food, which people who often have nightmares or insomnia might want to try.

Click on the image to view dietary tips for better sleep:

3 effective sleep supplements

Many people try to supplement sleep to improve the problem due to poor sleep quality at night, but Gao Minmin pointed out that supplementing sleep does not mean the longer the better, it can make yourself more tired. If you want an effective sleep supplement, she has the following tips:

Finally, nutritionist Gao Minmin reminded that if you have the habit of staying up late, it is very important to replenish water, because having enough water can make the body healthy and energetic, and can also help cells to repair, repair fatigue and keep away nightmares. But he also drew attention to the fact that staying up late is very harmful to the body, and it is recommended to maintain good sleeping habits.

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Taiwanese nutritionist Yu Zhuqing recommended the following 8 foods that can help relieve fatigue on his facebook page:

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