World Cup 2022 |Brazil vs Serbia ace striker showdown

After Argentina’s upset defeat, Brazil, another South American powerhouse, will also be at the Lusail Iconic Stadium late tonight, and will be grouped for the first round finale against Serbia in Group G (25/11 03:00 ). There is no shortage of ace forwards with different styles in both armies, and this game is expected to be a battle of strength!

Brazil, the “Samba Army” with strong people and strong horses, does not have the troubles of wounded soldiers from European powers. Forward Winnis Ozzulia, who scored 10 goals and 5 assists in the first half, may be Nima’s first backup; it is expected that the front row trident will be dominated by Richard Lichen and Rafinha Piloni first. The only public practice before the game was open to the media for only 15 minutes. Richard Lichen said he would prefer the team to “practice quietly.” In contrast, Richard Lichen has not played in the last 10 league games, and another player who plays for Fulham in the Premier League and Serbian midfielder Aleksandr Mizuvi is doubtful with an ankle injury. However, the Serbian army beat Bahrain 5-1 in a previous friendly match. Duxin Huaheyu and Luca Zuyu served as double arrows in the front line; as well as Duxin Teddy in the attack and Wang Feilagosdi in the support, the strength is better than the previous group game It was much stronger when they played against Brazil and swallowed two eggs. This game will test defense Samba and hopes to repeat the result of Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina.

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It looks like Switzerland will defeat Cameroon

Switzerland will be in the same group fighting against Cameroon tonight (24/11 18:00). Switzerland reached the last 16 in the last two games. First choice goalkeeper Ennisemma has recovered from injury and will join Fabian Shuha, Gleshaga, Sutton Shakily and striker Bilie Anbaolu to attack with all their might. ; the opponent is a brave Cameroonian player Zumpoting Saeth Bayern Munich This game will be fully supported by the fast horse McBiomo and Senbaoan Gusha who jumps. (Related link: )

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